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Georgina Lorencz
African Travel Seminars

We welcome African Travel Seminars as a member of the Africa Travel Association and look forward to a powerful and positive contribution from Georgina Lorencz and group. Based in Minneapolis, the company's operating goal is to provide quality, experiential learning travel opportunities that respect and sustain the indigenous cultures and local environment, as well as to provide positive, cross-cultural interactions with Africans in mutually beneficial ways. African Travel Seminars strives to practice responsible tourism on each and every tour, and even provide opportunities for participants to be involved in local development efforts. Keep reading, there's much more information we'd like to share as we add items and comments to this page ...

What clients are saying about African Travel Seminars

"Ghana has truly been one of the most educational, inspiring, unique and eye-opening countries I've ever visited. There were many things, part of the tour, that I'd probably never have had the chance to experience if I had traveled by myself. With ATS, I had the opportunity to learn about the Ghanaian people, their culture and history. This has given me a new understanding of an often misunderstood culture." Priska Bahler - Teacher

"This is one of the best programs Iíve been on. This trip gave me an opportunity to connect with the motherland." Charles Mays - Educator

"I have traveled on many study tours... the ATS experience surpassed my expectations, the tour conductor'sknowledge of the country and connections were so important in making this a wonderful experience." Fern White - Retired Social Worker

"The warmth, friendliness, spirituality of the people we met enhanced my understanding of not only Ghanaians, but of Africa also. The variety of experiences offered were most impressive and the informality allowed much learning. A brilliantly conceived program by African Travel Seminars." Catherine McIntire - Retired English Prof.

"We were very glad we had ATS arrange the study tour for our institute last year. The program was excellent, the preparation we received prior to the trip was great, and there were no unexpected out of pocket expenses...we are using them again for another program to Africa in 1998." Katie Sample - Executive Director, African-American Academy for Accelerated Learning

Georgina Lorencz
African Travel Seminars
3020 Rosewood Lane North
Minneapolis, MN 55441
tel. 763 509 0976, Fax 763 509 0972

Web Site: http://www.africantravelseminars.com/