Among the awards we received for Excellence in Audio Visual Production at the United States Industrial Film Festival and others, was for a series where we introduced a cartoon character, Mister Wonderfuel. This lovable imp, who could change his size and shape in the wink of an eye, starred in sound and screen productions in North America and was featured in training films sponsored by the Propane Gas Association to teach safety in the use and handling of a popular, yet highly volatile product.

This year, Mister Wonderful andf other zany 'toons' will return to the airwaves via the magic of the Internet and worldwide reach of Pod Casts on WorldScene Websites, including Africa Travel Magazine.

As our ratings for hits, page views and Google-Yahoo searches continue to soar, the addition of more radio and tv features on our Africa Travel and Air Highways sites adds an entirely new dimension ... one that our editors and producers are very familiar with

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