1976 - Nairobi, Kenya
1977 - Abidjan, Ivory Coast
1978 - Sousse/Monastir, Tunisia
1979 - Tangier, Morocco
1980 - Libreville, Gabon
1981 - Lusaka, Zambia
1982 - Lome, Togo
1983 - Cairo, Egypt
1984 - Banjul, The Gambia
1985 - Nairobi, Kenya
1986 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
1987 - Douala, Cameroon
1988 - Harare, Zimbabwe
1989 - New York, NY, USA
1990 - Casablanca, Morocco
1991 - Cairo, Egypt
1992 - Cote d'Ivoire
1993 - Lusaka, Zambia
1994 - Accra, Ghana
1995 - Nairobi, Kenya
1996 - Windhoek, Namibia
1997 - Cotonou, Benin
1998 - Arusha, Tanzania
1999 - Accra, Ghana
2000 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2001 - Cape Town, South Africa
2002- Conakry, Guinée
2003 - Lusaka and Livingstone, Zambia
2004 - Douala, Cameroon
2005 - Nairobi, Kenya
2006 - Accra, Ghana
2007 - Addis Ababa,Ethiopia,

1992 - Saly / Dakar, Senegal
1994 - South Africa
1996 - Marrakech, Morocco
2000 - Abuja, Nigeria
2001- Yaounde, Cameroon
2002 - Fez, Morocco
2003 - Zanzibar, Tanzania -
2004 - Kampala, Uganda
2005: Luanda, Angola
2006 - Calabar, Nigeria
2008 - Djibouti


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Dear Mr. Africa,


“It is sad to inform you unofficially that we lost a wonderful sister. daughter and friend ..........'Olufunmilayo Bruce'  yesterday with slight headache that result into sudden death. I received the information today from Jemi Alade when I returned from my Osun State Tour. I felt so sad and couldn't believe my ears..”

God giveth and God taketh. We pray for long life and prosperity. Amen.
Chief Margaret., Chariperson ATA Chapter Nigeria


From ATA Members

I did this live interview with Funmi last February on African Fashion & Culture live from Lagos...please read this writing of Funmi on African Fashion & Culture she was a Fashion Professor in Lagos University Teaching Fashion design...i will replay this interview next week on please Turn in ...Yes We LOSS a Great Sister and Friend she was a great Cultural Ambassador very Professional ...always promoting the African Fashion and Culture very talented and she getting ready for Tanzania Congress !!!\ May God Opn-Up All His Paradis Palaces for FUNMILAYO ODUNAYO Amen! i will replay this interview next week on please Turn in ... Mr Africa,

 On behalf of ATA Canada Chapter, ATA Magazine and Website, we are sorry to hear about the untimely death of Fummi, our Nigerian sister, whom we had the pleasure of sharing some time earlier this year.  The Nigerian chapter will miss her contribution as an enthusiastic member and as one of the country's creative fashion designers.
Jerry W. Bird and Muguette Goufrani

We just received the sad news about one of our beloved members of the Nigeria Chapter, Funmi. We were shocked and immediately saddened to hear of her passing as she was a vivacious and passionate woman, especially in regards to her craft, fashion. We will miss her and her contribution to ATA as I am sure you will too. Please accept sincere condolences on behalf of Eddie and myself. Please extend our deepest sympathies to her family.
Kindest regards,, Nathalie

This is definitely a very sad news ! But what Man can do in face of the Lord's Will . Would you all please accept our heart felt condolences . If there is anything you think we can do , please let us know
Truly, Elhadji Abdoul Aziz GUEYE

Above photos by Ogo Sow of our beloved sister with various ATA members.


Please send your condolences.