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Africa's Future is in the Air
By Mira Berma, Executive Director, Africa Travel Association

So much has happened in the past decades, it's hard to fathom - but in Africa, recent years have signaled remarkable changes. Ranking high are new direct routes and realistic fares from New York and other U.S. gateways. In evaluating Africa's transportation scene, ATA members can be considered among the most astute judges of all. Since our launch in 1976 at a Congress in Nairobi, Kenya, ATA members have flown on every airline serving the continent and its offshore islands,. More;> You asked for it! An edition that shows the many options available to today's traveler, not only in flights to Africa from any point in the USA or Canada (more seamless and convenient than ever), but the many ways to travel inside Africa. Our editors have produced aviation, airport, highway and transport magazines and videos for decades, and today this combined experience is focused on travel to and around Africa. The new issue will be available in summer and winter editions - as one package, a huge advantage for the advertiser.


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