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2002 Travelers Philanthropy Learning Group . Sept. 20-22, 2002

Here are several Travel Industry Programs we at the Africa Travel Association think you should know about and attend, if they fit your agenda. They are sponsored by Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel (BEST)


Our Travelers Philanthropy Learning Group will be reconvening at the White Oak Plantation in Jacksonville, Florida. White Oak, which is operated by the Howard Gilman Foundation. White Oak is a remarkable 7500 acre property which includes a breeding center for 60 threatened species of animals from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Florida. More information is available on the facility on the following website:

The Foundation is graciously donating the use of their conference facility to us, including room and board,. The purpose of our gathering is to enable participants to exchange information and emerging best practices on the design and implementation of charitable contributions programs that benefit destination communities. (A report on our first conference will be available prior to our meeting at White Oak). Our meeting is open to any travel-related enterprises, community foundations and non-governmental organizations that either currently have charitable gift contribution programs for travelers or are interested in establishing such programs. Andrew Fairley of the Turtle Island Resort in Fiji is the co-chair of our meeting.


Note that we have scheduled our conference on this particular weekend to make it possible for those interested conferees to attend the subsequent Council on Foundations Fall Community Foundations Conference, which commences in Atlanta on Monday, September 23.


2003 Community Tourism Learning Exchange, date to be set, 2003

Our Community Tourism Learning Group will be convening for the first time at

the Pocantico Conference Center, run by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in

Westchester County, New York. This is an opportunity for leaders in

community tourism efforts to share with their counterparts from around the

world their experiences in building successful undertakings, such as walking

tours, crafts enterprises, home-stay programs. Becky Anderson, founder and

executive director of Handmade in America, based in Asheville, North

Carolina is the co-chair of this meeting.

Third Annual Think Tank and Conference on Developing Sustainable Travel and

Tourism Education, July 7 to July 11, 2003

Our third think tank will be held in conjunction with INCAE University in

San Jose, Costa Rica from July 7th - July 11th. Presentations will focus on

the rich body of best practices in sustainable travel and tourism offerings

in the Caribbean and Central America. Participants will have an opportunity

to work on the development of curricular units that incorporate the

principles of sustainability into the core curricular offerings of tourism

and hospitality university and industry-based around the world. Co-chair of

Think Tank 3 is Crist Inman of INCAE University.

To receive further information on any of these three upcoming BEST programs,

please indicate which meetings you would be most interested in a return

e-mail and we will get it to you.


Related Conferences:

Responsible Tourism in Destinations: Shaping Sustainable Spaces into Better

Places Conference, August 21st - 23rd 2002

This upcoming conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa in

preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. It will focus

on how tourism ventures can maximize socio-economic benefits for local

communities while maintaining the quality of the environment. Its purpose is

to consider the process required for sustainable tourism, debate the

different means by which to achieve goals, and consider how new sustainable

tourism projects support social and environmental development. This

conference is geared towards tourism companies and associations, tourism

stakeholders, conservation NGO's, rural development organizations, National,

Provincial and Local government officials, National Parks, Nature Reserves

and Conservancies, Journalists, and Educators.

For further information and to register contact: Margi Biggs at Specialized

Tours/Tribal Continuum. Email:

Tel: 027 21 425 3259 Fax: 027 21 425 3329.
Website address:


Michael Seltzer, Director
Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel (BEST)
'The leading source of knowledge on travel and tourism practices that benefit communities worldwide'

An initiative of The Conference Board in association with The World Travel and Tourism Council . 212 339-0335

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