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New CHI Hotel at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

What is CCRA?

CCRA International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reservation Center, Inc., is a leading travel industry marketing and distribution channel, matching travel content suppliers with travel agents and travel agency groups for over 13 years. CCRA International partners with worldwide hotel chains, independent hotels and affiliates travel services to package preferred rate plans for corporate and leisure travel.

Through contractual relationships with such travel consortia as Vacation.com, OSSN, IT Group, WESTA, ASTA, NACTA, CLIA, LTA, and Cruise Shoppes, as well as with independent agencies, CCRA effectively reaches over 26,000 travel agencies operating worldwide.

CCRA International travel agency members historically book over 30 million room nights annually through the GDS's and using our CCRAtravel.com hotel booking portal.

Features of the CCRA program

CCRA's superiority guarantees success for travelers of all types when they are looking for the best value possible. The program is focused on the following important factors:

Complete information on participating hotels available 24 hours a day through the CCRAtravel.com hotel booking portal.

Preferred pricing at luxury and extended stay hotels around the world, guaranteed by contract, available through CCRA GDS rates.

Special negotiations with resorts worldwide.  These hotels are featured both on the CCRAtravel.com booking portal and the GDS's.

Convenience and ease of booking reservations through the GDS or CCRAtravel.com Hotel Booking Portal giving instant access to CCRA negotiated rates, availability and confirmation.

Full hotel commission guaranteed with every booking.

CCRA holds Block Space at select hotels worldwide. These rooms are available up to 48 hours prior to any desired date.

CCRA exclusive amenities at select hotels.

Benefits of utilizing the CCRA program

Superior customer service is customary for users of CCRA because of CCRA's long established relationship with its hotel chains and independent properties. Also helps in resolving disputes.

Since CCRA is available in all major GDS's (airline computer reservation systems), making reservations is instantaneous, fast and efficient. It is also easy to produce hard facts and history for the purposes of tracking usage for future negotiations, resolving credit card disputes, and checking for any promotional discounts.

Cost savings, convenience, variety and quality of hotels, and ease in booking are why CCRA continues to be one of the most preferred hotel programs used throughout the world today.

Consulting services available regarding volume discounts, customized presentations & proposals, travel policy formulation, and other hotel discount negotiations.

CLIA Agencies      

CCRA International is proud to join with CLIA as an Allied Member of the cruise line industry. CCRA has developed valuable specials for CLIA agents. Now CLIA agents can achieve all their booking needs through our CCRAtravel.com hotel booking portal, and receive full commission payment.