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Great Cities of Africa: Globe 2008 Building Better Cities
Addressing the challenges of incorporating sustainability principles into the design, development, financing, construction, operation and governance of cities. For more information on the GLOBE 2008 Conference and Trade Fair, www.globe2008.ca

Cape Town, South Africa
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Civic Tourism Can Help Preserve Historic Towns
By Dr Dan Shilling, Project Director, Civic Tourism*

Excerpts: Civic Tourism begins with what some consider an outlandish claim, which is that tourism, one of the largest industries in the world, could help communities preserve their quality of life. The industry's argument generally ends with 'economic development,' but we're suggesting tourism could help protect historic neighborhoods, save the environment, and preserve cultures &endash; in addition to strengthening the economy. Does it always? No, and some people argue tourism does the opposite, that it ruins 'sense of place,' that it's the problem. We're suggesting tourism can be part of the solution.

So, is Civic Tourism another exercise in whining about how tourism 'ruined our town'? No, that approach only builds walls we're trying to tear down. Or do we believe Civic Tourism is the only way to do hospitality? Of course not! It's simply another tool to help diversify a town's portfolio. What we do hope to do is foster a constructive dialog about how we can inspire public interest in an industry that has tremendous potential to change communities, at the same time we inspire in the industry a corresponding commitment to the place in which it works.

Tourism, for instance, is often caught in the 'economic development' box. Whenever the industry needs to defend itself it invariably falls back on jobs, bed taxes, and other financial incentives. Certainly tourism brings dollars, but nearly every other sector makes that argument, and surveys suggest many residents would forgo tourism's economic benefits if they could 'just have my old town back'. Civic Tourism encourages the industry to do better, not just more. The industry misses an opportunity by staying stuck in the economic development box, by not showing how tourism can help places preserve their character &endash; an argument that connects to the values that resonate with citizens continued

METROPOLIS, 8th World Congress and Africa Travel Magazine supports the "Metropolis Project" where government decision- makers, researchers, and non-governmental agents discuss policies and programs for integrating immigrants and minorities. Thus they will effectively manage the impact of immigration and diversity on city life. Metropolis fosters exchanges that go beyond the stating of positions, beyond descriptions, and beyond advocacy. The Project provides unique opportunities for stakeholders who share a vision of improving society through collaboration and partnership to engage each other, to acknowledge problems openly, and to work, unfettered, to solve them. 2005 Motto: "Tradition and Transformation - The Future of the City," The World Congress is also the General Assembly of the world wide METROPOLIS network of capitals and large cities with over a million inhabitants. e-mail: cornelia.poczka@senstadt.verwalt-berlin.de . 1-888-278-6186 ext 255 or ext 256 . (613) 233-5179 ext 255 or ext 256

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