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Page 10- Ghana - Golden Tulip
Page 11 - I am Ghana
Page 12 - Ghana - Natural Beauty
Page 13 - Angola National Parks
Page 14 - I am Kenya
Page 15- I am Kenya
Page 16- I am Kenya
Page 17- Mombasa Air Safari
Page 18- I am Kenya
Page 19- I am Kenya
Page 20 - I am Tanzania
Page 21 - I am Tanzania
Page 22 - I am Tanzania
Page 23 - Tanzania Tourist Board
Page 24- - I am Tanzania
Page 25 - I am Uganda
Page 26- I am Uganda
age 27- I am Zambia
Page 28 - I am South Africa - Rovos Rail
Page 29- I am Cameroon
Page 30 - Peace Through Tourism Summit
Page 31- Nairobi Safari Club
Page 32 - Sheraton Addis Ababa

Indian Ocean Islands: Mauritius, Seychelles

Libya Tourism: Libya Eclipse Tour

MoroccoTourism: Great Cities of Morocco - Casablanca . Morocco Intro

Southern Africa Tourism: Rovos Rail, Cape Town to Pretoria
South African Airlines Routes - Peace Through Tourism, Nelspruit
SADC Summit - SADC Summit (3 pages)

Tanzania Tourism: Tanzania Intro - Investment Summit

Uganda Tourism: Uganda - 4 page intro - Uganda Edition . Uganda. Intro

Zambia Tourism: Zambia - 6 pages . Zambia. Items


ATA Cultural Eco Symposium , Angola
Page 3 - Angola Introduction
Page 4 - I am Angola
Page 5 - Angola Feature
P:age 6 - Angola Feature
Page 7 - Angola Preview- Provinces
Page 8 - InterContinental Hotel
Page 9- I am Angola - Photo Feature

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Ethiopia Millennium Yb
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Angola's Riches -
Travel World News, USA
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Cameroon Tourism
Cameroon Introduction
Africa in One Country
Ecotourisme (French)
Cameroon Story

Calendar of Event
Globe 2006 Exhibitors
Toronto Travel Leisure Show

Media Kit for Africa Travel Magazine

Review of Past ATA Congresses

Serena Beach Brochure

Travel World News feature
story by Jerry Bird

World Tourism Barometer

Angola Birds

Kenya World Congress
Congress Issue Opening Pages


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Tanzania is Booming Insert ( 444 kb)

South Africa Search - Webtrend Results, Dec., 2005

What's New for 2006?

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Hot Air Balooning

Business Travel to Soar by 2015

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