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New Operations to Dar Es Salaam 

New operation to Dar Es Salaam starting on 2nd of June 2009 EGYPTAIR will operate Dar el salam capital of Tanzania, four flights weekly, Saturday ,Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday ,you can enjoy the African sun during your safari watch the Kilimanjaro Mountain which is not only grand in presence but also in spirit. Whatever you choose to do in Kilimanjaro and Tanzania, you can guarantee that you'll take away memories that will last a life time


EGYPTAIR Hosts 99th IATP Conference - Cairo 

EGYPTAIR has great pleasure to host the 99th (International Airlines Technical pool) conference in Cairo during 7-nice March 2009.

The International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP) is a convention of airlines made up of over 1000 airlines members where members of the aviation industry gather twice yearly to discuss sharing of resources, reducing costs, while improving operating efficiency .IATP established in 1948 and EGYPTAIR joined the IATP in 1962.

IATP is a non profitable organization which provides a global airline network to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cooperation reduces aircraft parts inventory expense & reduces airline operational delays & cancellations by sharing resources and many other benefits. IATP conferences are considered a unique venue which provides the opportunity to conduct pool in business-whether it's spare parts or line maintenance- in the most efficient manner while allowing sharing industry knowledge , network, and reunite with colleagues. IATP promotes goodwill towards all its members , explores new directions within the frame of the mission.

During the IATP management committee meeting in Cairo on November 2006 they nominated EGYPTAIR as a main sponsor for the 99th IATP conference march 2009.

During the 97th TATP conference in Kuala LUMPUR, Malaysia on 8-12, 2008, ENG. Essam HANAFY THE Material Director of EGYPTAIR Maintenance (EGME) was elected to be a member in the management committee of the IATP among five permanent board members, And he was selected during the IATP Management Committee meeting at Cyprus on November 2008 to become the Vice president for the IATP organization .This selection reflects the success, good image, reputation and high standard EGYPTAIR reached world wide

During the 98th IATP conference in Luxembourg 9th-5th of October 2008, a committee from EGYPTAIR maintenance and Engineering participated to have an overview about the conference nature in terms of arrangements and requirements.

EGYPTAIR'S committee presentable presence led to confirm Egyptair nomination to host the 99th IATP conference in Cairo. Many attendees and delegates confirmed their reservations and also expressed interest in some tourism programs held in EGYPT.

We expect to have over 500 attendees in the conference with families.

Planning and arrangements for the 99th IATP conference started a year prior to the event. Hard efforts and activities are exerted to make it a success.

Through cooperation between EGYPTAIR subsidiaries in addition to the training center and depending on team work, great support and guidance by EGYPTAIR M&E Company chairman Eng. Abd El Aziz Fadel EGYPTAIR, we are looking forward for a successful IATP CONFERENCE IN Cairo.

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History of Egyptair

May 1932

EGYPTAIR is one of the pioneer airlines in the world, established in May 1932 to become the seventh carrier in the world.

August 1933

EGYPTAIR commenced commercial operation with Spartan cruiser from Cairo to Alexandria.


A total of 12 De Havilland were added to the fleet.

During the Second World War, the Egyptian Government took over the airline and changed its name to Misr Airlines.


The name was changed again to MisrAir and 10 Beach crafts were purchased adding the American technology to the fleet.


MisrAir bought 10 Vickers Vikings and the following year put into service a French Aircraft, the Languedoc.


MisrAir got merged with Syrian Airlines forming a new identity "United Arab Airlines-UAA".


UAA enhanced the fleet with Comet 4-c jets becoming the first Carrier in the Middle East to use the jets.



UAA introduced the Boeing 707-320c to cope with the growing international traffic and to operate longer routes.


EGYPTAIR became the first Airline in the Middle East to fly Boeing 707s.


MisrAir and Syrian Airlines split resulting in a new identity "EGYPTAIR".

July 2002

By the Presidential Decree number 137/2002; EGYPTAIR became a Holding Company with seven subsidiaries.


July 2008

On July 17th 2008, EGYPTAIR, have joined the Star Alliance network, the largest airline alliance in the world, to offer its customers better flight connections and more comfortable travel. EGYPTAIR's membership to the Star Alliance network is unique in that it is the only airline based in North Africa and Middle East part of the network.


EGYPTAIR joins STAR ALLIANCE, the Largest Airline Network

On July 17th 2008, EGYPTAIR, have joined the Star Alliance network, the largest airline alliance in the world, to offer its customers better flight connections and more comfortable travel. EGYPTAIR's membership to the Star Alliance network is unique in that it is the only airline based in North Africa and Middle East part of the network. read more about Star Alliance benefits

About star alliance

In 1997, a group of five world-class airlines got together to create something never seen before &endash; an alliance that brought together networks, lounge access, check-in services, ticketing and dozens of other services to improve the travel experience for customers and efficiencies for the carriers. They called it the Star Alliance network . After EgyptAir joined in July 2008 the alliance grew to 21 members and 3 regional members , with Air India confirmed as future member carrier. A large network of carriers means more choices for customers. Our alliance members fly to more destinations than the competition. And that equates to easier travel and quicker connections. The main goal has always been to make the travel experience smoother for customers. That means doing things such as locating the member carriers closer together in airports, introducing new technologies, building common facilities at airports, coordinating schedules and installing connection teams for faster transfers of passengers and baggage. A multitude of other initiatives has been implemented and more are in the works. The brand &endash; including the familiar star-shaped logo &endash; represents the promise that the alliance strives to deliver, and it lets the customer know that wherever they are in the world, the alliance is there to help them enjoy a smooth travel experience. Star Alliance received the Air Transport World Market Leadership Award in 2008 and was voted Best Airline Alliance by Business Traveller Magazine in 2003, 2006 and 2007 and by Skytrax in 2003, 2005 and 2007.

Star Alliance Member Airlines

Air Canada , Air China , Air New Zealand , ANA , Asiana Airlines , Austrian , bmi , EGYPTAIR , LOT Polish Airlines , Lufthansa , Scandinavian Airlines , Shanghai Airlines , Singapore Airlines , South African Airways , Spanair , SWISS , TAP Portugal , THAI , Turkish Airlines , United , US Airways .