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A friend we will never forget



Fred E. Fuller
Former Board Member and Treasurer
of the Africa Travel Association

'The ATA -WTO World Congress in Accra, Ghana was my last opportunity to spend some quality time in the company of ATA's dear friend Fred Fuller, who passed away in June, 1999. For those precious moments and many others, I am truly thankful. To say that we will miss him is an understatement. A song writer said it decades ago with the words, "You light up my life. You bring me hope to carry on." Fred certainly lit up my life like a flood of sunshine any time he stepped into a room, or even when I spoke to him from across the continent. Fortunately his sage advice, inspiration, encouragement and kind thoughts will always be with me."

Jerry W. Bird, Editor, Africa Travel Magazine

From Tanzania Tourist Board
We have learned with deep sorrow the passing away of our long time friend, the late FRED FULLER on June 27th, 1999. Fred had been a friend of Tanzania and we enjoyed his great support on promoting Tanzania tourist attractions. People in the tourism industry including ATA members will remember him for his obvious speech he gave in Arusha, Tanzania on the exciting subject: WHERE IS KILIMANJARO ... KENYA OR TANZANIA? May God rest his soul in heaven. Meanwhile we pray for his family, ARTA and ATA in order to survive the big loss.

A. C. Macha, for Managing Director

From Toledo, Ohio Newspaper
"The Traveling Gentleman." Frederick E. Fuller, Jr. a well known figure in the African Travel Association and the Travel Industry in general died in Toledo, Ohio June 27th,1999. A graduate of the former DeVibiss High School. Mr. Fuller joined the 11th Army Air Corps and was in maintenance and supply until his discharge after the war. Mr. Fuller then earned a bachelor 's degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio, after briefly attending the University of Toledo, and he worked the next 31 years for Owens-Illinois, retiring as a salesman in 1981 from the firm's glass container division. He got into the travel business after retiring, and in 1986 he opened his own business, Travelers Services International.

It was in the field of international travel that Mr. Fuller enjoyed his greatest success. He was a former director of the National Association of Retail Travel Agents. Mr. Fuller traveled to India at least 12 times and personally visited practically every dry spot on the planet to find attractive, interesting and educational travel destinations for his vacations clients. He was treasurer of the Africa Travel Association; past Director of the Great Lakes chapter of the Pacific Asian Travel Association; president and director of the Caribbean Tourist Organization; former director of the Association of Retail Travel Agents, and he held membership in the Lions Club of Toledo, Alliance Francaise de Toledo, and the Toledo Area Travel Agents Association.

Mr. Fuller was active with the Society for the Advancement for the Handicapped and mature Traveler, which Mrs. Fuller said has tried for years to influence government and business leaders around the globe about the importance of helping handicapped travelers. Mr. Fuller was instrumental in planning the first international symposium on handicapped travel in Agra, India, set for Sept. 26-30. He helped set up several other international conferences and worked closely with tourist offices of the Israeli and Indian governments.

Frederick E. Fuller, Jr. entered the Travel Industry in 1981. He was a life member and the former director of National ARTA (Association of Retail Travel Agents). Fred was also the past president and founder of the Great Lakes Chapter of ARTA. Additional related memberships within the travel Industry include being a member and director of SATH (Society for the Advancement for the Handicapped and Mature Traveler); member of Skol (Organization to promote National and International Travel) ; international member of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and past director of the Great Lakes Chapter of PATA, Fred had served as member president and director of the Great Lakes Chapter of the Caribbean Tourist Organization. He also was a member of the Lions Club of Toledo and a member of the Alliance Francaise de Toledo. Fred had helped to set up several international conferences for ARTA and SATH, working closely with the India government tourist office and Israel Government Tourist Office in New York. Fred's big love was to travel the world over. He was known as "The Traveling Man."