Choir sings Jambo to ATA and IIPT delegates at Africa's Peace Through Tourism Conference. Photo by Robert Eilets.

Global Summit To Debate Tourism Industry Strategic Response to International Terrorism

Vermont, 22 August 2005 - Travelpress- In response to recent terrorist bombings, the program of the 3rd Global Summit on Peace through Tourism is being adjusted to include a special plenary session to debate a "Strategic Tourism Industry Response to International Terrorism."

The 3rd Global Summit on Peace through Tourism is being held October 2-5, 2005 at the award winning Royal Cliff Beach Resort and Conference Center, Pattaya, Thailand.

A plenary session to be moderated by H.E. Akel Biltaji, Special Advisor to H.M King Abdullah II, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will focus on the experience of destinations that have successfully recovered from terrorist attacks and the actions and strategies that they employed.

More significantly, the panel will share their wisdom and insights on protecting against terrorist attacks &endash; and the challenges to the travel and tourism industry in addressing the root causes of terrorism in contributing to a long term solution to international violence in all its forms. Invited speakers for this special session include travel and tourism industry leaders from countries that have experienced terrorist bombings.

Theme of the Summit is "One Earth One Family: Travel & Tourism &endash; Serving a Higher Purpose." Its aim is to develop a 21st Century Agenda for Peace through Tourism that addresses key global issues of our time including: poverty reduction; healing the wounds of conflict; promoting international understanding, tolerance and cooperation; environmental enhancement and preservation of biodiversity; and a sustained travel industry response to the social and economic revitalization of tsunami affected countries.

World leaders and statesmen in the travel and tourism industry will be featured as keynote speakers, as well as leaders from the areas of Culture, Environment, Sport, Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development. Concurrent sessions and workshops will be held on a range of topics related to the aim and goals of the Summit.

The Summit is being organized by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT), supported by the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and with the support of the World Tourism Organization (WTO). Sponsors include: Resorts Condominiums International (RCI), Reed Travel Exhibitions (RTE); Africa Travel Association; and Media Sponsors: eTurbo News, Travel World News, World Tourism Directory, Africa Travel Magazine, Travel Weekly, Tourism & Wildlife India, and Travel Talk Radio.

More than 40 prestigious international organizations have announced their support for the Summit. This is in addition to 36 major international organizations that are members of the IIPT Coalition of Partners for World Peace through Tourism. Members of both 'Supporting Organizations' and IIPT's Coalition of Partners are entitled to special discounted registration fees.

International organizations who are interested in supporting the 3rd Global Summit &endash; its theme, aim and goals, are invited to contact IIPT, Email address: supporter@iipt.org

Summit Outcomes will include a "21st Century Agenda for Peace through Tourism" in support of the U.N. Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World and the Millennium Development Goals.