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EQUATORIAL SAFARIS: We do as we plan with our expected visitors: What do we do? A visitor contacts us, we make the plan, we compromise, we guarantee through our designed contract form, we fulfill, and then evaluate with our visitors and customers. Our working team is trained to know the need of our customers, they deliver the knowledge and then our customers use their right to comment on our product. That's why; Equatorial Safaris have stayed alive and will keep for a number of generations. If you were to have a spread time for more information about us, you would be forced to change your departure date from Tanzania. However, you are welcome through our usual communication and you would feel great! Therefore, a welcome team awaits you, and so, please feels free to contact us through email and love Tanzania as part of a lifetime experience with people who love visitors. Our live, website  is for you, your family, relatives and friends. Roman S. Chuwa, MANAGING DIRECTOR

KIBRAN TOURS: Greetings from the sunny city of Addis Ababa and hope this mail find you well. I would like to acquaint you with Kibran Tours. Kibran Tours is a private tour operator, founded in 1999, with head office in Addis Ababa.  Kibran Tours is specializing in historical, cultural and adventure journeys.  We design tours that emphasize the local culture and folkloric characteristics of our country.  Our tours includes in depth sightseeing and many local experiences such as visits to villages, meeting the local people, visiting markets, experiencing events and staying in unique hotels and eating in the interesting places. And learn about the history of the country.

Kibran Tours operates throughout the territory of Ethiopia and offer extension or combination tours to the neighboring countries of Djibouti, Sudan, Kenya and Yemen. The owners and staff of Kibran Tours are Ethiopians, they share an extensive knowledge of the culture and land of Ethiopia and the surrounding countries, as well as many years experience in tourism.

Our guides, who speak fluent English, Italian, German, French and Spanish, are highly appreciated for their professionalism and warm nature, as well as for their skills in helping visitors to enter into the traditional and cultural atmosphere of their fascinating country. Our aim is to provide a service of the highest quality. Each tour is carefully planned down to smallest of details, at the same time, any occasion that spontaneously arises for further exploration or contact is welcomed by our staff as an opportunity to make each trip a unique experience

Kibran Tour Operator Pvt. Ltd. Co.

The spirit of Luxury adventures!!!

Tel: +251 11 662 62 14, 011626215 / 17

Fax: 251 11 662 62 16



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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia