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Dealers in: Car Hire, Tours operators, Travel Agents, Insurance Broker, Printing, Stationery & Secretarial Services, and General Supplies

Dear Sir/Madam,


Please refer to the above captioned subject.

We are writing to let you know that we have opened up our office in Arusha Town which is locate at Plot No. 82/83E, Shule Road. The opening of this office is achieving our mission for the past ten (10) years of our existence of intending to Link our Dar es Salaam centre of operation to this Northern Circuit. This achievement coupled with our other two Branches one in Zanzibar and another in Bagamoyo gives us quite an upper hand for most of our clients.

We hereby introduce you our services which we deliver both here in our Arusha office and all our other Branches:-

(i) Taxi operation services:-

We have a good fleet of HIMA TOURS and TRAVEL registered vehicles, full air condition and with professional multilingual drivers parked at our office and ready for any instruction. In case you need a quick transport to any part of the town including transfers to both KIA and Arusha Airports, please call any of our hotlines and one of these cars can easily be available to you from anywhere you might be regardless of the time you are making that call. In essence we are operating this service on a 24 hours basis.

(ii) Air tickets services:

We are IATA approved agents, which gives us an advantage of clearing air tickets through BSP system. We also provide travel consultations in which we assist our clients to plan well their journeys and hence avoid uncalled for interruptions apart from lowering their travelling costs. We assist in passport and visa procurements, to provide transport to and from the airport, check out/in and any other service our travelling client may require.

(iii) Staff transport and transfers:

We have large minibuses and microbuses with which we are able to arrange for staff transportation to and from their working places for reasonable charges ranging from TShs. Seventy thousand (70,000/=) to Ninety thousand only (90,000/=) per day per bus depending on the route(s) coverage. In this way most employers have found out that it is easier, convenient, and cheaper to work with an established transport oriented company rather than running their own staff buses, or using public transport KIFORD. Through such a system, they have been able to avoid such extra costs as repairs and maintenance of staff buses, employment of staff buses' drivers, transport personnel and untimed breakdowns apart from their staff being embarrassed by the KIFORD staff. As we are professionals in this field, we have been able to reduce most of our operational costs and as a result our prices are relatively low, and also our services are quite convenient. We also keep a back up system which can easily put our operations back to normal. This is made possible by having a reliable means of communication between our buses' drivers and the office. Furthermore all our buses are commercially approved and comprehensively insured in case of any mishaps.

(iv) Car rental and hire:

We are a very reputable car rental and hire company. All of our cars are fully air conditioned and in quite good state. We deal in both options, that is self-drive and chauffeur. At such times like when you want to go on a Long safari, you need a replacement car in case your car is shortly unavailable, or you have a guest whom you want to use a special car and any other situation which may warrants you to require a hired vehicle, we shall be at your service.

We also provide cars or packages for such special occasions like wedding and funeral ceremonies. We promise to serve you in all these situations at a very short notice.

(v) Tour packages:


We have very fascinating tour packages to suit one's vacation/holiday and also as an alternative to week-end errands.


Our packages are based on four (4) major features of the tourism commonly available in Tanzania.

(a) Flora and Fauna or Wildlife Tourism:

We have tour packages which can make you enjoy the best nature of Tanzania . These include Lakes, forests, game and birds. Our packages wary depending on one's interests. We arrange safaris to Gombe, Mahale, Rubondo, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha Park, Mkomazi, Lushoto, Saadani, Mikumi, Selous and Ruaha.


(b) Eco-Tourism and Historical visits:

For those interested in cultural aspects including arts and craft items of different tribes in Tanzania, we can easily satisfy them. We arrange visits to see the Hadzape people (Tanzania's Bushmen), Maasai Bomas, Local schools and other interesting cultural places.

On the Historical aspects we have packages to Olduvai Gorge where one can see an "early man foot", to Bagamoyo for slaves related memories, to Tanga for different acecut caves drawings, and to Zanzibar for one Sultanate Arab culture (stone town). All chest historical features make very fascinating tours!

(c) Mountains climbing:

For those brave and energetic they can easily scale Mountain Kilimanjaro the highest Mountain in Africa! We operate in all the four (4) different routes of scaling this very high mountain which are Marangu route (coca cola route), Umbwe, Shira, Machame and the Rombo route. Our porters and guides are determined in seeing you making to the top most point of this giant mountain.

We also organise climbing mountain Meru in Arusha Town.

(d) Beach Holidays:

We are the best in this sorts of tour with our offices strategically placed in Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo and Zanzibar, we are ready to give the best available under Beaches Tour in Tanzania. The unspoilt beaches of our country will make you feel at home although away from your Home. All water sports are available with us. Please come with us to explore more!

(vi) Driving school:

We have fully registered driving school. We train completely new drivers from the beginning to the end, we also offer motor bike, and bicycle riding courses for fun and those who are interested in lowering their transport costs. We also offer brush up courses to Foreign or International drivers who are new in our country to make them familiar with the local driving regulations and conditions. These brush up driving courses are also relevant to those who may not be having valid driving licences or those who might have learned driving a long time ago and by this time have forgotten some aspect of it. We assist in facilitating our trainees to acquire valid Driving licences.

(vii) Insurance brokers:

We hold various applicable policies from different insurers which can easily make good any loss which might have been incurred by the insured. We make proper consultations as to which classes of policies may be suitable in addition to claim follow up for our clients.

(viii) Secretarial/Internet café services:

We act as conferences facilitators which include arranging for the conference venues, providing stationaries, typing and editing conference manuals and handouts. Insuance of conference timetables, and arranging for conference snacks/bites including soft drinks. We also provide conference reporters. We also offer such services for wedding ceremonies and funeral occasions. Also for quick communication to any part of the world you are welcome at our internet café which is very swiftly.


All our services are done under one roof. With a single call, you may ask for any of our services. We have highly committed group of personnel who will be very much happy to attend you.

For any of the above mentioned services, we promise quality service for one to remember. Our staff are highly motivated and eager to achieve.

We hope you will make your decision on any of the above services and we look forward in serving you.

Yours faithfully,

Hima Investments Ltd

E. A. Mallya