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Land Tours Ghana - Services
See tour descriptions page

• Sites Selection and Negotiation

• Accommodation and Meals Packages

• Facilitate Meeting Room Setup and Arrangement

• Conference/Meeting Participant Registration

• Registration Desk Personnel

• Control Room Setup • Signage • Shuttle Transportation

• Special Air Fares • Optional Tours

• V. I. P. & Spouses Program

• Receptions, Luncheons and Special Events

• Pictorial Documentation of Conference/Meeting/Event

• Bilingual Translators • Welcome Package •Pricing & Proposal

Upon request, Land Tours Ghana Limited can provide a written proposal, including budgets for conferences/meetings/events.

Our Service is available year round, however we ask our clients to book with us six months in advance of  the actual date of the conference.

Tours: Ghana & Benin • Burkina  Faso • Cote • Mali • Togo

Custom Tour - Black History Special - Forts and Castles