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African Influence in Lifestyle and Art

Mfundishi Sanaa Afewerk Tekle
by Ankhshashak Heru-Khuty Ankhmeniition

Tekle artOn my holiday from the New York City Board of Education, I traveled to Africa with a group of African educators called The Africa Group. Every February, the group travels to some unique destination in Africa. This unique group of educators seeks to bring back first hand information, about Africa, to share with their students. This February 2000 the group traveled to Ethiopia and I was among the fortunate. The group was fortunate to visit a renowned artist.

Visionary, spiritual, talented, humanitarian, naturalist, Afrocentrist; these are the words that so inadequately respond to the personality of Afewerk Tekle. Tekle, whom I call Mfundishi Sanaa, a Kiswahili term meaning, a master of arts is an internationally known artist? Mfundishi Sanaa Tekle was born in 1932 in the North Shoa town of Ankober, Ethiopia. More

He studied Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture at London University and the Accademia di Michelangelo in Florence, Italy. Later he would join the Slade Faculty of Fine Arts University of London. Tekle's work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Russia.I first saw Mfundishi Sanaa Tekle's work in the form of scarves on the airplane

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