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US-based NGO Opens Songea Youth Housing and Community Village and Launches Other Youth Development and Health Projects in Tanzania

NEW YORK / TANZANIA: Members of a US-based NGO, Miracle Corners of the World Inc. (MCW), a youth-founded organization that supports global development through youth education, outreach and community development, were in Tanzania to participate in the opening ceremony of the MCW Youth Housing & Community Village in Songea on Monday afternoon, August 22nd and to launch other humanitarian youth development and healthcare projects.

As part of its humanitarian youth development programs, MCW recently completed the first phase of construction of a new youth village, which contains 12 houses, a medical clinic and a community center in Songea, a rural village in the southwest quadrant of Tanzania. This center was built on 51 acres of land provided by the local government.

"This project provides a unique opportunity for the youth of Songea to engage in education and development activities that lead to positive change," said Songea District Commissioner Abeid Mwinyimsa. "We are honored and delighted to partner with MCW, an organization that believes in global exchange to advance local communities."

"We are, from the local government, the nonprofit sector, and the community at large &endash; in order to help create sustainable development initiatives in this region of the world," said Edward Bergman, Executive Director and Co-Founder of MCW. "MCW's many multi-faceted programs provide a platform for creating jobs and improving education, while training local youth to effectively contribute to the improvement of their communities, a concept that is helping transform lives."

In addition to the ground-breaking of the new youth housing facility, as part of its healthcare outreach programs MCW will also host its fourth annual dental outreach program in Songea, a region of Tanzania with limited access to oral healthcare. In partnership with a professional dental team from New York University's College of Dentistry, and with the support of product donations from Henry Schein Cares, the global corporate citizenship program of healthcare products and services distributor, Henry Schein, Inc., the eight members of the dental outreach team will work with Songean health officials to provide free dental treatment to an estimated 500 young patients in the newly established medical clinic.

Also to promote healthcare education and awareness, MCW will host a four-day training workshop for youth on HIV/AIDS education and youth leadership, entrepreneurship and art production. This workshop will be hosted in partnership with the US-based group TechnoServe (www.technoserve.org), an organization that provides business solutions to rural poverty in the developing world, and the Tanzanian non-profit organization Youth Empowerment for Tanzania United (YETU).

During the two-week trip to Tanzania, members of MCW will also visit the city of Iringa, Tanzania, where MCW has supported the opening of a library at the new St. Augustine University to which MCW donated more than 20,000 books. Additionally, the Group will also travel to Arusha, Tanzania, where MCW built its first community centre four years ago - the MCW Dr. Herman Wrice Youth Community Village. The village currently serves more than 1,000 young people annually and offers computer training, pre-school education, sports, and arts and crafts. While in Arusha, a second computer technology lab will be opened as part of the expanding program. The center will also host a group of students from New York University and Long Island University to participate in a week-long community service project on healthcare and the environment.

About Miracle Corners of the World Inc.
MCW is a grassroots, youth founded, not-for-profit community development organization that has developed and assisted with numerous community development projects in Africa, as well as Asia, the Middle East and the United States. Today, MCW has a substantial network of partners through its board as well as partnering organizations and individuals who support the mission and project initiatives of the organization. MCW projects have received recognition from various government leaders and international organizations.

For more information about MCW, visit www.miraclecorners.org.

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