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Alphadi brings African Fashion to Europe: While returning to Paris after an exciting month of business, conferences and touring in Cameroon, we spent some quality time with Seidnaly Alphadi, whose African- inspired creations have taken Europe by storm. It seemed like half of the Cameroon Airlines plane was filled with models from a Fashion Show our friend had just staged in that Central African country. We continued our fascinating interview at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Born in Niger, Alphadi's credentials include: Founder - Festival International de la Mode Africaine and President - Federation of African Creators. His global recognition includes the Chevalier de l'Ordre de Mérite de la France, Kora Fashion Award - South Africa, and Meilleur Styliste Africain - Fédération Française de la Couture et du Prêt à Porter. See Fashion Pages for more.

Cameroon's Esterella Stars in Limbe: At a garden party, hosted by Cameroon's Ministry of Tourism near the popular Limbe Botanical Gardens, our group was treated to an outstanding fashion show by 'Esterella,' one of Cameroon's top designers. We made sure to renew our friendship with this talented lady on a return visit several year's later, and added to our archives of African fashion photography. Esterella is the first of several Cameroonian fashion designers on my recommended list.

Nigeria's Chief of Fashion: We met Chief Margaret Fabiyi at a conference in Cotonou, Benin, West Africa in 1997. One year later, in Arusha, Tanzania, we were treated to the first of a series of fashion shows this talented lady has organized for Africa Travel Association conferences. While enjoying luncheon at Arusha's Impala Hotel, it was suddenly announced that a fashion show was about to take place. To everyone's surprise, the models turned out to be our own delegates - and the variety of fashions for men and women, large and petit, young and not so young - was superb. Chief Margaret has staged encore presentations at ATA venues in Ethiopia and Cape Town, South Africa She resides in Lagos, and her company, Webisco, combines fashions and textiles with cultural tours, including her annual Black History Month series.

Alwin Zecha
Mr. Alwin Zecha has a broad background of experience in the travel industry. He serves as Executive Chairman of Pacific Leisure Group with offices throughout Asia. He has served as Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Pacific Communications Limited of Hong Kong and has held managerial positions with Asia Magazines Ltd., Columbia Pictures Television, and Hertz Corporation.

Mr. Zecha also served as President of the Pacific Asia Travel Association for two consecutive terms. He is former Chairman of PATA's Marketing Authority, Chairman of PATA's Industry Council and Associate Director, International Marketing Institute. In addition, he has been the Deputy Chairman of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong and Vice President of the East Asia Travel Association. Currently, he is World President Emeritus of the International Congress and Convention Association and the only honorary permanent member of PATA's Board of Directors. Mr. Zecha holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Harvard University and Bachelor's degree in economics from Tufts University.

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