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Center for Disease 
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My name is Sandy Dhuyvetter. I am an Artist, Musician and a Journalist who has traveled the world the past 22 years producing radio and videos for TV and online distribution about our big beautiful world. 

It is now my pleasure to be working on hand picked projects that we hope will attract attention to the deserving people and regions who are known for hospitality and warm receptions.

It is now my pleasure to create videos and short stories of some of the most interesting people and places in the world. 

Thank you for joining me....Sandy Dhuyvetter


Sandy Dhuyvetter travels to Jordan for another adventure with good friends from Star Wars. Read HERE

Sandy Blog offers a look into her travels and experiences. Sharing stories of other travel experts and fellow travelers Sandy's award winning Blog is used for her material in writing exerts for her writings called 

Don't Trip on Your Attitude. 

And Other Life's Lessons Along the Way. 

Please donate your unused or soon to be expired United Miles to the Airline Ambassadors International Mileage Bank.
Support our efforts on Human Trafficking Awareness Training..

WinVivo Immune System Support - Sandy's answer to wellness during 
her travels and while putting long hours in the studio

Sandy's Photos 
of Haiti
while traveling 
with Airline 
Ambassadors Intl.

Sandy's Photos of 
at the Carnival 
de Victoria

Sandy's Photos of 
Japan during 
the height of the 
cherry blossoms

Sandy's Photos of 
Jordan during
a trip to the Dead Sea!

Sandy Dhuyvetter reveals her past as a film artist

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