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Great Causes for Africa

The Africa Group
We met in Lalibela, on Ethiopia's famous Holy Route. Imagine a scene from faraway Tibet, in that fascinating mountain village on the Horn of Africa. The charming lady that appeared that day was Dr. Beryl Dorsett, founder of the Africa Group of New York. She's an inspiration to all who know her, and I am proud to call her friend. Beryl has a big heart, willing hands and a firm dedication to helping Africans enjoy a better lifestyle in peace and dignity. Africa Travel Magazine's editors first met Dr. Dorsett in Lalibela, one of Ethiopia's Holy cities, in February, 2000. As International Governor of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs Inc. Dr. Dorsett has a Herculean task. This involves travels to remote villages in Africa seeking unique ways to help women cope with issues of health, education, and economic development. More->
Jerry W. Bird, Editor

Uganda's Genesis Initiative and its Impact on the World

Permit me to introduce to you to The Genesis Initiative Uganda, an organization whose goal is to address environmentally related concerns affecting our country and the quality of life in each community.

The worldwide issues of Biodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Management are crucial to Uganda's prosperity, and it is critical that the situation, which seems to be getting out of hand, is arrested.  The Genesis Initiative will meet these needs head on by recruiting many of the very people who are currently involved in undesirable practices, and encouraging them to play a significant role in addressing the issues.  A vanguard of unemployed women in various Ugandan communities,villages and emerging towns, will be organized, trained, equipped,facilitated and motivated to enable Genesis Initiative Uganda to achieve its worthy aims. At the moment in our country, rich and the poor alike are doing everything to disrupt nature and degrade the environment. Sometimes out of need - or out of greed. At other times it is due to ignorance. We are convinced that someone has to voice the dangers and work out ways to rectify the situation.  See photo . More

Africa's Cities - Gateways to Travel and Tourism: Tourism & Jobs: Africa's Mayors Star at UN World Urban Forum:
"With some 10.000 participants from over 100 countries, the Third Session of the World Urban Forum paved the way for a new drive forward on the international urban agenda in a world of rapidly growing cities. Just as the Habitat I Conference in Vancouver in 1976 placed local community concerns on the international agenda and highlighted the critical importance of inclusiveness, the Forum in Vancouver, 30 years later, lived up to its promise of moving ideas to action. It symbolized inclusiveness, with balanced participation from public, private and civil society sector"

Morocco. Appeal for Disaster Flooding in Merzouga Area
DISASTER RELIEF . Erg Chebbie Dunes in the Sahara Desert, Morocco and the villages of Merzouga and Hassi Lybed Local Berbers are the indigenous poor folks of the Sahara Desert The night of May 26, there were severe thunder storms, hail the size of golf balls, a lot of rain and wind which caused severe flooding in the area. Most of the damage was in Merzouga as all the waters hit the mud houses and destroyed over 250 houses. T: http://www.bluemenofmorocco.co.nr/

Communities Around the World Seek Caring Volunteers
Caring individuals can take steps toward peace and economic justice by lending a helping hand on service programs at home and abroad. By working together, volunteers and local people learn that we share a common humanity and that cultural differences are cause for celebration, not conflict. Global Volunteers, a nonprofit organization, invites altruistic individuals to lend a hand on service programs at home and abroad. This truly is "travel that feeds the soul" - a unique blend of cultural immersion and service to others. No special skills are required to participate on a Global Volunteers service program. Volunteers pay a tax-deductible program fee ranging from $750 for one-week in the continental United States to $1,470- $2650 for two- and three-week international programs. The fee covers all meals, lodging and project expenses; airfare is extra. All project-related costs, including airfare, are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers. Call 800-487-1074 or dial http://www.globalvolunteers.org for details. (Discounts available for internet use, students, groups.) The following communities seek volunteers in early 2006:

Project Namuwongo Zone B
Jeremy M. Goldberg
cofounder/Executive Director
PO Box11007
Washington, DC 20008
tel: 202-365-0556
mobile: (202) 365-0556

Apples for Africa:
AFRICA TRAVEL MAGAZINE and its media partner AIR HIGHWAYS MAGAZINE are drumming up worldwide support our "Apples for Africa" program. This initiative will provide Apple Macintosh computers, software, books, supplies and training in the two areas we know best - desktop publishing and audio visual presentation ( We've won International Awards for Creative Excellence in both categories). This new, all inclusive program will involve supply and instruction in software programs produced by Adobe, Quark Express, Filemaker and others.
Township Tourism is a Popular Option. Ask us for examples

Out of Afrika, a British registered charity whose mission is to improve education and empower the community, has started a new training scheme for fire fighting and rescue. UK Fire fighters, Hampshire Urban Fire and Rescue, have donated a fully equipped fire engine to Out Of Africa(OOA) who along with Thika Fire and Rescue are offering a new and exciting service to the residents of Thika Town and surrounding area. "Fire prevention is all about having good reliable equipment, a well trained team and a modern appliance for getting to the scene as soon as possible. We hope this initiative by OOA/Municipal Council Thika and the Hampshire team will lead to saving many lives" says Alec Martin, Chief Fire Officer of Hampshire Urban Fire and Rescue.

Currently a team of 10 UK fire officers are in Kenya to train a new team of OOA personnel with 6 fire officers from Thika Fire Brigade also taking part to refresh their skills. Training is taking part at Thika Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (TAIST), a new college set up by OOA to offer affordable training in IT, Business, Vocational skills and Community empowerment courses. A new subscription service to OOA Thika Fire and Rescue will be offered to local residents as well as on-site training in fire prevention for companies, schools, businesses, etc. OOA can also supply a full range of fire fighting equipment, advice on preventing fires and also train personnel in fire fighting and rescue.
Founder-Julie Martins, Out of Afrika, P.O. Box 945, Ruiru, Tel. No. 067-55455 mobile: 0720-010720
infor@outofafrika.org . www.outofafrika.org

World Urban Forum
Madonna Project in Malawi
Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie, the film director, have visited Malawi this week as the pop star continues her work to assist the orphans of this small African country. Madonna is spearheading the construction of The Raising Malawi &endash; Consol Homes Orphan Care Center, a place where children can go to eat, learn, read, and play in a safe, nurturing environment ( www.raisingmalawi.org ), and is in Malawi visiting the site, and existing orphanages. There are also rumors that the couple plan to adopt a Malawian child. More->

Gateways to Tourism
Africa's Cities

Volunteers, Interns
To work with our websites, magazines, travel shows, seminars and other projects.

What is Free the Children? "Free the Children is an international network of children helping children through representation, leadership and action." Free the Children has two main purposes: To free children from poverty, exploitation and abuse. Free the Children is dedicated to eliminating the exploitation of children around the world, by encouraging youth to volunteer in, as well as to create programs and activities that relieve the plight of underprivileged children. To give children a voice, leadership training, and opportunities to take action on issues which affect them from a local to an international level. More->

A Helping Hand for Cote d'Ivoire Villagers:
Therese Haury. ATA member in Abidjan, has been a stalwart in the Cote d'Ivoire, helping establish health clinics in local villages and obtaining medical equipment from sources in Europe and America. Here is her story, told in her own words (translated from French). "My dream was to be a surgeon in Africa, but my family never accepted it, so I kept that dream in mind while traveling around the world. I arrived in Cote d'Ivoire in 1976. I reached my goal to live in Africa, however, it was not as a surgeon but as an insurance Agent. To realize my dream, I created a Women's club in Memni village, helping the Bush Community clinic, the colonies of leprosy with material donated by sources in France. Five villages, Loundou, Yohou, Cousso, Gnielle, Tchechanga adopted me. Continued.

About Cross-Cultural Solutions
Cross-Cultural Solutions runs 11 programs out of 12 countries,with more than 100 staff members in 13 offices worldwide.To date, the organization has brought more than 2,500 participants to countries around the world to work in sustainable community development initiatives. Our programs are year-round throughout Asia,Africa and Latin America,and range from 2-12 week

"Give a man a fish and you feed his family for a day. Teach him to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime."

Water Can/ Eau Vive: Another lady we met while in Ethiopia, who is doing great things for villagers in various parts of Africa, is Christina Lubbock of Ottawa. Ms. Lubbock is part of a Canadian Government project to provide much needed sources of drinking water. A full story on their efforts is underway, but in the meantime, if you are interested in supporting this great cause, her e-mail is: clubbock@watercan.com

About Cross-Cultural Solutions
Cross-Cultural Solutions runs 11 programs out of 12 countries,with more than 100 staff members in 13 offices worldwide. To date, the organization has brought more than 2,500 participants to countries around the world to work in sustainable community development initiatives. Our programs are year-round throughout Asia,Africa and Latin America,and range from 2-12 weeks.

Congratulations to Mighty Jambo Acrobats
Here's a letter we received by e-mail, which may be of interest to readers and members. We are a group of seven acrobats based in Kenya and performing at the Safari Park Hotel and Casino every Tuesday to Sunday. We are aged between 20 year to 26 years young and energetic. We the Mighty Jambo Acrobats have our humble beginnings from one of the most densely populated Ghettos (slums) in Nairobi- Kenya known as Mathare Valley. Our dream and ambition is to improve life in the ghetto through provision of the necessary skills and training to the street boys and girls who are talented thus helping them gain self confidence and realize their full potential. We hope to improve their attitude, reliability, industry and focus as well as reduce drug abuse and idleness. We are therefore requesting to team up with you as road show biz in the cause of tourism attraction. Web site at http://www.mightyjambo.com s.