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"Dynamic Djibouti, Africa's Red Sea Miracle"

Prior to our recent journey to Africa, we launched an awareness campaign for Djibouti, host country for the Africa Travel Association's 11th Eco Cultural Tourism Symposium.  Our magazine's web site featured animated scenes of divers, whale-sharks, white sand beaches, great salt lakes, coral reefs with multicolored fish, fascinating landscapes, cultural treasures and great hotels such as the Djibouti Palace Kempinski, our conference headquarters. 

As a progress report we searched Google for "Marketing Djibouti Tourism." The good news? - our web site ranks #1 and 2 from over 270,000 entries. 

With ATA's pioneer visit to Djibouti came the opportunity to produce a “Dynamic Djibouti Edition that will be in demand by influential readers in the USA, Canada and worldwide - now and for years to come. It will showcase "Africa's Red Sea Miracle," and serve as a model for other destination editions, including the Ethiopia Millennium Edition, going to press this week and the Zambia Edition scheduled for fall. Our ATA World Congress Edition in May includes a self-cover insert on Tanzania and Zanzibar.  Viewers can download pages, spreads and sections on each issue from . As in the past, all editions will be available from our trade show exhibits year round.

This trip was a key event in the magazine's 12 year history. From Seattle we flew U.S. Airways via Philadelphia to Paris, transferring to D'aallo Airlinesi. The Djibouti experience was captured in dozens of great images viewable on and many other pages. Coming back we spent two weeks in France, taking an opportunity to recruit new contributors to the magazine.  As many readers, viewers and sponsors are aware, Africa Travel Magazine's past issues such as Cameroon and Guinea have included French language spreads. Thanks to Denis Dionne in Montreal, Muguette Goufrani in Vancouver and others, our web site's Francophone section is blossoming. 

Being devoted rail travel fans, we rode Amtrak's Cascade Route from Seattle to Vancouver via Puget Sound. What a way to relax.  We're back in Vancouver just in time for one of the main events affecting Ecotourism and other facets of living today. It is Globe 2008 - the world's largest Eco Business Conference and Exposition. Visit -  In mid April, Houston and the State of Texas salute Ethiopia - and we'll be there to circulate copies of our special editions. 

There's much more positive news to tell you - so please take time to visit us online.

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Jerry W. Bird
Editor and Publisher


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