United States Federation of Small Businesses Teams Up with International Medical Group for Travel Insurance


International travel is becoming more and more popular each year as millions of people embark on journeys to every corner of the planet.  For business or for vacation, international travel can be an exciting adventure for you and your family.  However, there are many risks associated with travel that must be mitigated to ensure your safety.  Many people assume that their domestic insurance plan will be enough when they travel internationally, however that might not be the case.  Without the right plan, you and your family might not be covered for injury or illness that occurs while you are abroad.

When searching for the right international insurance plan, it is important to find a provider that can meet your flexible needs, whether you are moving abroad, traveling between countries, or just taking a short vacation.  It is paramount that the provider you choose can provide you with excellent coverage and are easily accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. 

 The United States Federation of Small Business has teamed up with International Medical Group (IMG) to allow travel agencies and other small businesses to offer low cost but highly protective travel insurance plans to clients and consumers.  Travel agencies can benefit from this by increasing their revenue stream, and clients will benefit from the low cost but highly comprehensive and flexible plans offered by IMG.

The International Medical Group has been offering insurance products to travelers and international citizens since 1990.  They are available in over 150 countries and are available 24 hours a day for medical emergencies to help you through language and currency barriers when you need it most.  For short term or long term travel, IMG has the perfect product to fit your needs. To search for plans, receive quotes and buy insurance online please visit

For more information about USFSB, IMG travel insurance products, or how you can participate as a travel agent or individual, please contact Michael Cardamone, Managing Partner of The United States Federation of Small Business NYC Office.  He can be reached at, or directly at (718) 701-0087.


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