What is the Best of Africa World Edition?

The WORLD EDITION ushers in a new era, reflecting the global activities of the Africa Travel Association and its partner organizations, plus new inroads by our publishers. We've been active throughout North America and recent invitations from China, Korea and Europe are a springboard to new markets for Africa. The Events Promotion feature in our World Edition provides a timely overview. The secret to success is a two year distribution cycle for every issue, which extends the advertiser's reach and influence. Having a free downloadable Online Version of each issue through our websites and Corporate Press Display adds a whole new dimension.

World Edition Sections Provide a Varied Menu

1. Africa wide Destination Section.
All participating African countries are featured in our first section. These countries are encouraged to become partners in global distribution of the magazines through their tourist bureaus, embassies, airports and airlines.

2. Exclusive Self Cover Inserts and Supplements:
Presently there are two self-cover, stand alone inserts as part of our World Edition. These are Ethiopia and Tanzania- Zanzibar. Now at last, individual African countries can have a publication of 36 or more pages devoted exclusively to their travel and tourism attractions. Each production is written for the North American market and beyond. Issues will be available in large quantities for your tourist bureau at much less than cost. As a marketing tool, this will save a country thousands of dollars on printing brochures.

3. Special Supplements:
Africa's Air Highways - a focus on transportation, African Hotel Profiles - a photo guide to accommodation, and Africa Fashion Showcase.
By mid 2009, the World Edition should contain five or more sections. At that time, a deluxe hard cover version is planned for sale worldwide. Complimentary copies will be mailed to prime contacts.

World Edition Activities
Each World Edition Section will be launched at a major world event such as the World Travel Market, where it is available to industry and government contacts. All sections of the World Edition will be updated and made available at further events. Distribution will be for a minimum of two years. Advertisers benefit from a greatly extended reach period.

World Wide Internet Support
Each issue or section is introduced on the official ATA website. It is also available for download from participating advertiser websites. All World Editions are on Corporate Press Display, world's largest Internet kiosk for magazines and newspapers. We're in top company, along with USA Today and other leaders.

Broadcast Support
We now include radio interviews co-hosted by Mr. Africa, Ogo Sow, and Africa Travel Magazine Editors. These provide additional support to our magazine advertisers. through interviews and features. It's an effective way to reach out to segments of the market and encourage audience participation.

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