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WorldTourismDirectory.com, the very first globally accessible online information portal which provides tourism related contacts, general information literally every country and territory around the globe.

Browsers will appreciate the easy navigation tools and be able to find more than 110 000 addresses within 330 nations, countries and dependent territories.

Under every country listed, one will be able to find a comprehensive index of over 100 categories including government and national tourism bodies and their related agencies within the country and abroad, regional tourism boards/associations and local key tourist offices, institutes of tourism studies and academic institutes, tourism industry associations, hotel chains, main reservation agencies, and incoming tour operators, airlines, railways, ferry services, and motoring associations, national parks and key ecotourism associations, tourist-related sports (mountaineering, winter sports, sailing, diving, tennis, golf, cycling, etc.), travel trade and travel consumer media, foreign language media and further important publications, general government information sources/services, major business, trade and investment agencies, chambers of commerce, umbrella organizations in culture and sciences, embassies and consulates, plus many other categories.

The level of geogrpahical and thematic detail found in this directory is possibly one of themost comprehensive references related to the issue of "country information". The WorldTourismDirectory.com index incorporates in-depth lists of all the categories relevant to the country in question - a service provided by no other directory, either on the Internet or in print, on the topic.

The section "Embassies/Consulates" is a perfect example of the unique nature of WorldTourismDirectory.com, as nowhere is so much detailed information, so readily available for industry and traveller alike. Close co-operation with the British publishers World of Information (WI), through their portal WI-Countries.com and the tourist news service eTurboNews.com provide the visitor with a constantly updated country information and news service.

WorldTourismDirectory.com successfully serves the travel industry, media, governments and international organizations and last but not least also tourists and business travellers. The content of this portal is mostly based on updated information from the former three volume, hard copy publication World Tourism Directory, published previously in association with the World Tourism Organization and the World Travel & Tourism Council.

WorldTourismDirectory.com is a co-production between the editor Burkhard Herbote, Beckum, Germany and Dynamic Works GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany. It is published in cooperation with the World Tourism Foundation, the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism, the International Council of Tourism Partners, the news agency eTurboNews.com and the Eco-Tourism-Portal Planeta.com.




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