Advertising Specifications for Afrca Travel Magazine


Editorial Focus:

Travel and Tourism - Lifestyles and Leisure Intra African and International Trade, Finance and Transportation

Readers/ Viewers:

• We reach and influence decision makers in travel and tourism, plus business, industry and government.

• Distribution targets the USA and Canada, plus a growing Intra-African Market.

• Life cycle of average printed edition - one to five years.

• Printed in English. Some editions include French.

Website Circulation
Our site is a search leader for Africa topics on Google and Yahoo.
Traffic: Over 57,000 hits daily. Webtrends, March 2007.
Average Viewer Session Length: 10 minutes. . Webtrends, July 2007.

Geographic Reach: 1. North America, 2. Western Europe, 3. Africa, 4. Asia

Print Magazine Circulation

1. African National Tourist Offices.

2. Government Trade and Tourism Ministries, African Embassies and City Visitors Bureaus

3. Travel Trade Shows (Expanded schedule.

4. ATA Chapters: in USA, CANADA abd AFRICA.

6. ATA Association Partners: ASTA, WTO, ARTA, CCA, IIPT, SATH, USTOA, TIES

7. ATA Corporate Partners: Airlines, Airports, Chambers of Commerce, Hotels and Resorts, Meeting Planners, Financial Institutions, Corporations.

8. Educational: Universities, Churches, Travel Training and Flight Schools.

9. Consumers: Worldwide subscriptions via Internet, plus retail outlets.

10. Commercial: Bulk orders, reprints and inserts for seasonal promotions

Contract and Copy Regulations

1. All invoices due upon receipt, payable by bank transfer, or by priority mail in USA and Canada.

2. Cancellation Dates:

Cover pages cancelable only on 60-day notice prior to closing date. Inside color and preferred position ads cancelable only on 30-day notice. Cancellations on inside black and white ads cannot be accepted after closing date.


Full page bleed: 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"

Full page: 7' x 10".


For high-quality reproduction, use one of the following formats:

• Adobe Acrobat PDF.

• Adobe InDesign including fonts and all attached support files.

• QuarkXpress including fonts and all attached support files.

• Adobe PageMaker including fonts and all attached support files.

• Adobe Photoshop in either TIFF or EPS.

All black & white or color photos or artwork must be scanned at 300 ppi. Color images should be saved as a TIFF or EPS in the CMYK mode. All line art (high contrast black & white art with no grey tones) must be scanned at 1200 ppi and saved as a tiff or eps in the bitmap mode. Important Note: Graphics and photos used for web sites (normally scanned at 75 ppi) are not acceptable.

How to Send Digital Files. You may send digital files by mailing them on disk, CD or by E-M ail.

Please mail or fax printed versions of the ad. If your ad is in color, include a color copy for color verification at press time. If you are using programs or file formats other than those listed above please call to make special arrangements. We can not guarantee the quality of reproduction for any format not listed. Failure to include fonts or attached support files can hold up production and require new files to be sent.



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