The fabulous beaches in Luanda Bay and area include the sandy shores of Mussulo Island, an upscale beach. which we reached by a boat cruise from a Marina in Luanda city. Ferries also available. Our ATA delegates were treated to a delicious feast, with fresh lobster as one of the main courses.

Below- The Fortress of S. Miguel de Luanda (1575), which overlooks the city from a high plateau offers a commanding view of Luanda Bay and the islands. Historic blue tiles decking the interior walls tell the story of Angola from the time the Portuguese first landed on these shores. In the fort's courtyard are statues of prominent explorers and leaders. The fort is now a military museum and the original cannons still man the ramparts.

Karen Hoffman and Marlene Melton visit historic Fort St. Jorge.
Editors Muguette Goufrani and Jerry W. Bird at the fort.

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Statue of Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama
Statue of first Portuguese king.
Vasco da Gama

Karen at the fort

Beach at Coconuts restaurant in Luanda on the strip.
Pictorial tiles in churches and museums tell the story of Angola's Portuguese colonial era.

Marina at Luanda - for cruise to Mussulo island.