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THE MEDIA BUSINESS: ADVERTISING; Benefiting From Barter Services
By Isadore Barmash

SEVERAL years ago when the Chrysler Corporation had to put on its best financial face to obtain a $4.5 billion Federal loan, it had to grapple with the problem of a huge unmoving inventory of automobiles. It finally cleared them out by trading the autos for advertising space and time. More recently, Cunard Lines Ltd. swapped cabins and meals for advertising as well as airline seats, tableware for its dining rooms and air-conditioning units. In both cases, one of the agencies involved in the process was Reciprocal Merchandising Services of New York, a specialist advertising agency in the barter field. It is an alternative way of buying media time, sales promotions and products by exchanging what one company has for something that another company has. ''In bartering, everyone wins,'' said Perry Silver, Reciprocal's presidentThe process operates like this: In a current $100,000 radio advertising campaign that Reciprocal has for Frenchmen's Reef, the resort on St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands, Reciprocal works with J. D. Greif, the Philadelphia ad agency and provides that amount of radio time for the resort. In exchange, Frenchmen's Reef offers $100,000 of rooms and food. Reciprocal uses the rooms and food for its clients and contacts, particularly from the radio and television field, either directly for them or for winners of contests offered by the clients.. more

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Application / Evaluation Form and Agreement for Barter


I/We _________________________________________________________________

(Name of Applicant Business)

Hereinafter referred to as "Trading Partner," hereby apply for an account with the Africa Travel Magazine, hereinafter referred to as "ATM," for the purpose of trading products and/or services .

Acceptance of Terms

This is a legal agreement between you, the Trading Partner, together with any company or other business entity you are representing ,and Africa Travel Magazine and Website,

“To offer our products and/or services for trade dollars only, at prevailing prices, to other Trading Partners in good standing.”.

It is further understood that this Agreement will become effective when signed by the Trading Partner and approved by an officer of the Africa Travel Magazine. (ATM).



E-Mail: __________________________________________________________

Location Address:__________________________________________________________


State:/ Prov.:______________________________ Zip: ______________________

Country _______________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ Fax:______________________________


Home Address:__________________________________________________________

Type of Business: Corporation:____ Agency/NGO ______ Partnership _______ Sole Proprietor _____


Contact Person(s): __________________________________________________________

E-Mail: __________________________________________________________

Products, Services Available:__________________________________________________________

Needs and Wants from ATA (please be as specific as possible): __________________________________________________________



Details of Barter or Exchange for Exhibit Space Package

Name of Event __________________________________________________________

Dates of Event _________________________________________ Year____________

Location of Event/ City ____________________________________________________

Location of Event / Building ________________________________________________

Estimated Traffic/ Visitors _________________________________________________

Type of visitors: Trade ________ Public _______ Both _______

Floor Plan Available? Yes __ If so, please send

Exhibit / Size of Booth Space Proposed _________________

Items supplied, Table ___ Skirting _____ P:oweer _____ Chairs _____ Carpet ____

Is complimentary parking available __________

Number of persons to operate booth ________

Does ATA have Chapter members or other volunteers available at that time
and for t he full duration of the event?

Yes ___ No ___

Regular published rate for the above space $ _______________________ (U.S. dollars)

Other items or services being offered in Package by the Trading Partner.




Approved on this date ____________

by _________________________________________________ for Trading Partner

by __________________________________________________ for ATM