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Africa- Continent of Opportunity: by Dave Fick

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Business Travel to Soar by 2015
Changes in the global economy will have the biggest impact on business travellers in the next decade according to new research out today from Barclaycard Business. The research reveals that long haul air and rail services will see the most growth with business travel to global destinations expected to increase. Distance travelled per week will increase to approximately 700 miles per person, compared to 609 miles currently. In addition business people will on average spend an extra night.

CCA and the Africa Action Plan
The Blair Commission for Africa Solicits Corporate Council on Africa to Provide U.S. Private Sector Input; Recommendations to G-8 African Action Plan. First time a G-8 chair seeks formal consultation with the private sector; Representatives of the Blair Commission on Africa and U.S. businesses will share information for Africa's future development. The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), the U.S. non-profit organization promoting trade and investment between the U.S. and Africa, will convene 30 of its members from the U.S. private sector and senior representatives from the Blair Commission for Africa on Thursday, January 6 to discuss Africa's development &endash; sector by sector. More->

Professionals Bartering? Check it out!
In a recent search of the web for business topics, we came across a very interesting website by Jack Schacht. Here's what he had to day that peaked our interest. "Just because you're short on cash doesn't mean that you have to go without. More and more people are turning to bartering--and finding that it can be good for business. Retailers, manufacturers and service businesses are now using barter to turn their down time and/or excess inventory into a way not only to accumulate trade dollars, but to attract new business." Visit the Sideroad Website
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Profesional Bartering on Google.

African Real Estate Projects, and Vacation Properties for Sale
Time Share or Lease: Send us information and news releases on this key topic. For your information, here is a comprehensive Real Estate site in South Africa: http://www.mxp.com.au/megasa.htm

Internet use growing: According to a recent survey, there was a total of 1,266,000 Internet users in South Africa at the end of last year. This figure includes dial-up subscribers, corporate users getting access through work, and those gaining access through academic institutions.

Great News for American Business Travelers visiting Kenya
In an effort to boost tourism, Kenya has lifted VISA requirements for US citizens visiting Kenya for 30 days or less. Visa requirements are also lifted for those from Canada, Japan, Austral, New Zealand and several European countries. Safety concerns kept visitors away after the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi . Also some travelers avoided the region after eight foreign tourists were killed in a safari park in neighboring Uganda. For information contact this magazine africa@dowco.com

30,000,000 African American Market . David Saunders.
Latest on US-Africa Investment and Travel Dowco.Com Services
African Trade Missions 2006
Federation of Small Business
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South African Farms & Real Estate
African Development Bank
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Internet: Africa Web Site Scores Big
ATA: Global Reach and Influence
WTO:World Tourism Growth Figures
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Gallery: Photos by Robert Eilets
ATA: TTB 2005 Award Winners

Trade for Services
Details on barter arrangements and contacts for barter exchange is being produced. If you have property, products or services to barter, please describe in detail and send request to airhwy@dowco.com

New Internet Domains
ICANN, the authority that governs global Internet domain name system, has approved seven new domains extensions, in addition to .com, .net and .org. These new extensions are the first new global Internet domains approved by ICANN in over a decade. For a complete summary of what these new domain extensions are, go to http://www.NewDomainExtensions.com

Advertising and Circulation Opportunities with Africa Travel Magazine and Travel Road Shows
Self employed agents required for several sectors of the USA, Eastern Canada and most African Countries. No investment, excellent rate of commission and support at major events, including a program of Eco-Adventure Tourism "Road Shows" and Educational Seminars in Africa, the USA and Canada. Contact us at africa@dowco.com

Problem Solvers
An Important New Section will appear soon on this site. Have you heard about the growing problem with the theft of bank cards from visitors at overseas banks? It's bigger than you may think - and it won't go away. We are asking our readers worldwide to help identify these and other serious situations that can totally ruin a vacation or business trip. Our ATA members and this magazine's regional correspondents will describe situations and seek solutions. Write a letter to:
Africa Travel Magazine
347 Fifth Avenue, #610
New York, NY USA 10016
Fax 212-447-1926
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with your item or comments.

Francophone Business Partnerships & Opportunities
"Frankly Speaking " by M. Goufrani

Ethioexpo: Virtual Trade Show of Ethiopian Products and Services. http://www.ethioexpo.com/

Canadian and US Business Partnership with Africans.
Check our Aviation and Travel Magazine Web Site.

Africa Travel Magazine and its 4 partner publications share the
Air Highways site which has over 350 pages on its own. The combination offers over 700 web pages.

Building Bridges Between Developed and Emerging Nations
"Prejudices about a country or its people can best be removed by visiting the place." The stone walls of prejudice and indifference are crumbling fast, as vast areas of the world, such as China, Mongolia, Arabia and much of Africa open their doors to tourism. Small wonder today's need for solid partnerships and workable action plans has become front and center.

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- A job in advertising, circulation, journalism
- Training in any of the above areas
- More Business via Advertising, PR, Publicity- - French Translation
- A partner resident in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia

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Entrepreneurship in Africa: A Study of Success
by David S. Fick
Book Description:: Entrepreneurship in Africa is a study of those entrepreneurs who have achieved success, wealth, and fame by organizing and directing a business undertaking in Africa. It is a story about s
uccessful entrepreneurs who have assumed risk in pursuit of profit, who have tried to conform to ethical business standards and who have tried to contribute to the economic development and improve the natural environment and the education, health, and welfare of their community and nation. The philosophies underpinning their economic success and their endeavors to improve their communities have been included whenever correspondence with the entrepreneurs related them. This book is a journey through the economic world of Africa. It is a search through Web sites, books, newspapers, and periodicals for entrepreneurs who have been successful in Africa, for the projects and policies that improve their road to opportunity, and for expert commentary on the best ways to accomplish the economic and social development of Africa. It is a self-educating dialogue through personal meetings, letters, e-mails, and phone calls with interested parties in Africa and around the world on the future well-being of the people living and working in Africa. It is meant to encourage a dialogue so that knowledge and ideas may be exchanged with the goal of improving Africa and the world. I hope that, by doing this, Africans and those who observe the region can learn from past mistakes and current successes and build a peaceful and better society for all of Africa's people. See our ATA website for more. www.africa-ata.org/african_enterprise.htm
Email: To contact the author:

Channels of Interest: A Fork in the Road
A Powerful new Television Series worth saving on tape.

Speakers Bureau to promote African Trade and Tourism in North America at events and via mass media
Africa offers an exciting range of business, investment and tourism opportunities. That's the positive message Africa Travel Magazine's new Speakers program wants to communicate in cities across the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. The initial effort is being generated through our media combination, Africa Travel Magazine and Web Site. However, nothing beats personal contact, and numerous opportunities await us year round at Africa Travel Association events and others.

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