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Central Africa

World Edition

by Afica Travel Magazine

This World Edition is a work in progress that features the 'Best of Africa' past, present and future. It contains items from the family of nations that comprise the UN Sub Region of Central Africa:

Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo,

Congo (D.R.), Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe.

Further editing and fine-tuning remains to be done on this project prior to its final presentation, with Embossed Souvenir Covers and a DVD for dignitaries. Low resolution photos and maps will be replaced. Our editorial team will increase the number of pages on most of the destinations, adding new sections to the issue in the coming months. To honor past Ministers of Tourism and celebrate our magazine's 14th Anniversary as a proud partner of the Africa Travel Association, items from the archives are included. These advertisements and articles serve to tell the history of our partnership. This example is in Electronic format, however many of these same pages will be appearing in print as a magazine, a DVD or a book in the Africa Travel Library.

We are also proud of the effort made to extend the magazine's reach through face-to-face promotion at trade shows and a variety of events in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Our VENUES WORLD EDITION will showcase such activity prior to, during and following each event.


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An important element in this and all of our regional World Editions, is an area where we have had much experience and success. It involves the role of air carriers and airport management. Starting in the early 90s with the Open Skies program in North America, we developed a working arrangement with ourDepartment of Transport and printed what we called a Supermap of Air Routes. This map also became a magazine enclosure and was in great demand. In 2010 we will be taking part in the Routes World Airports Convention in Vancouver, Canada. For that important event, we will publish a special edition in which Africa will play a major role. Having staged the Air & Marine Tourism Expo, Air Highway Days and Africa Road Shows, our management continues to team up with the Africa Travel Association at many events across North America, Africa and beyond.

AFRICA FASHION is a huge issue with our magazine and consistently scores #1 on Google. Other topics to be added are airlines, airports, land and sea transport, city profiles and a contacts directory. Many items from our 'Electronic Editions' will appear in one or more of our printed issues. For information on advertising, personal subscriptions, bulk copies, souvenir copies, or to provide items, e-mail