Robert Eilets Gallery

Tourism Minister, Angola
Roger Kacou from Kenya and ATA
member from South Carolina
Hon. Pierre Hele, Tourism Minister, Cameroon
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Photographer Robert Eilets of New York receives award from ATA Executive Director Mira Berman, left and First Vice President Gaynelle Henderson-Bailey, right.

Photos from Gala Evening at the ATA 29th International Congress, Douala, Cameroon. Photos by Robert Eilets

(1) Head tabl at gala evenikng (2). Hon Pierre Hele receives award frmnd First Vice President Gaynelle Henderson-Bailey, right.
Photos by Robert Eilets

Georges Santang Simo

Owner of Aigle Tours and Travel, Douala, Cameroon, Georges was of great assistance to ATA members and executive at the airport througout the Congress and following the important event.

Right: Three members of George's family at their home.


Photos of Georges and family by Muguette Goufrani

Smiling group of ATA members at the gala evening. Photo Credits: Robert Eilets