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Welcome news regarding our E-Mail Service via Dowco.com

News Regarding Email Service

We are pleased to announce that we are putting the finishing touches on the setup of a new and improved email server infrastructure at dowco.com.

On the evening of Tuesday February 21, 2006 we are planning the migration of all email accounts to the new system. This will mean improved email service with increased functionality and speed in sending and receiving email. Technicians will be doing their best to optimize the settings so the new mail service becomes even better. At no extra charge to you, we will continue to scan and eliminate email viruses and spam, and continue our blacklisting of known spam sources.

Effective the morning of Wednesday, February 22 you will be operational on our new email service. There is nothing you have to change on your computer, as these changes will remain transparent to you. We will send out an email reminder as the 21st draws near.

High Speed Internet

If you are considering upgrading to high speed be sure to give us a call at Dowco. While many other providers are quick to point out that their high speed service is cheaper, you have to consider the additional bundling of other services that they require. At Dowco we do not have hidden access charges or need your long distance or cable TV to offer you high speed Internet. In the end, their service may end up costing you more or have you buying services you do not require.


We also have an exciting new product to offer you. It is VOIP, the latest in Internet Telephone service also referred to as Voice Over Internet Protocol. If you would like to add a second phone number to your home service you can utilize your ADSL connection and add an IP telephone for as little at $10.95 per month. Numbers are available. There are huge advantages to VOIP phones that you do not see in traditional telephone numbers. The VOIP Service can come bundled with very attractive long distance plans.

For additional information be sure to check our website.http://www.dowco.com

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