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Robert Eilets Gallery



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Photos by Robert Eilets

Among some tribes of the Diaspora, tribesmen avoid being photographed, as it is believed that ones' soul will be forever lost on the earthly plain. When one views photographer Robert Eilet's work, one can certainly appreciate the basis of this belief for he has surely captured the spiritual essence of his subjects. The wisdom of the elders, the devout faith of men, the innocence of the little babies swaddled to their mother's backs as well as the quiet dignity and beauty of the women are all evidenced in this exceptional photo exhibit that chronicles.

R. E. Eilet's travels throughout Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Egypt, Mali, Beijing- China, India South Africa , and Brazil. His attention to color, light and composition mirror that of an accomplished artist placing his work among the most noteworthy of today's contemporary photojournalist Undeniably a photo legacy that will be enjoyed for years to come.