A quiet moment with our host at
the Mekkonen Hotel in Nazaret, south of Addis Ababa en route to the Rift Valley

Above right: Magnificent gardens on several lush acres at the popular Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa. With its large Olympic sized swimming pool and acres of lawns and garden, the Ghion offers its guests a special opportunity to relax and enjoy a resort atmosphere in the heart of the city. Thanks to the Ghion management and staff for the enjoyable week we spent following the ATA Jubilee Congress.

Holy Trinity Church, Addis Ababa. During the ATA Jubilee congress our members were treated to the most spectacular afternoon most of us had ever seen. The colorful costumes, the site itself, the pageantry and deep spiritual presence made this a most unforgettable experience.

Photo by Jonathan Wosu

The Emperor's famous
train engine
Cross at Lalibela

We first met Beryl Dorsett (right) of the Africa Group. at Lalibela on Ethiopia's Holy Route, and our paths crossed many times from February through late May of 2000.

Beryl's numerous good works throughout Africa speak for her dedication to improving the health and well being of African villagers. Thanks to Beryl and her son for her friendship, their interesting items, and the opportunity to get to know them. More about Dr. Dorsett's humanitarian efforts in Africa Travel Magazine and on this site.

More detailed captions for the group of photos displayed below and others will be added shortly.