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This Web Site ranks #1 for "Africa Fashion" on Google from 6.8 million entries and Yahool from 20 million entries (Webtrends Aug. 2005)

Since we launched the first printed magazine in 1995, fashion has been a key topic on our agenda. It started with our editorial team's keen interest in the wide range of colorful wear they saw at every event, from the smallest village to the major cities where our congresses and symposia were held. During our last tour of Cameroon, a fashion parade was held in conjunction with an outdoor barbecue at Limbe, which was featured in Africa Travel Magazine soon after. Watch for much more in our big issue now in production.

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March 6, 2004 - Webtrends

Topic: "Africa Fashions” - Our web site scored #1 out of 2,800,000 entries on Yahoo, and #1 on Google out of 1,650,000 entries.
In February 2005 we were #1 on Google, MSN and Yahoo, from over 5 million entries on each search engine.


Topic: "Africa Travel” - Our web site scored #1 out of 5,740,000 entries on Google, and in Feb. 2005, we were #2 on Yahoo, from 27 million entries. Second only to South Africa Tourism with its vast resources.

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