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The above cover is from Africa Travel Magazine's edition for the Africa Travel Association 31st World Congress, which was held in Accra. Following that exciting event our editors made a circle tour of Ghana's most popular attractions, including historic Kumasi, the furniture capital of West Africa. We are very anxious to return.

Historical Ghana

Formerly the Gold Coast, Ghana is a young republic which became independent from Britain on March 6. 1957, the first black African colony to achieve its independence. Ghana occupies the pinnacle spot in Pan-African history having hit the torch for African Emancipation and became home for famous Pan-Africanist such as W.E. B Du Bois and George Pad more. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah whose mausoleum adds to Accra's landscape was Ghana's first President.

European power struggle between the 15th and 19th centuries started with the Portuguese who built Elmina Castle in 1482. They were followed by the Dutch, Swedes, Danes, Prussians and the British looking for fortunes in gold and ivory. This intense commercial rivalry ended with the growth of the tragic trade in silvery - all 42 European castles and fortifications were used as dungeons for the millions most of whom lost their lives or whose descendants compose the African diaspora today.

42 forts and castles including Elmina and Cape Coast Castles are recognized by UNESCO as the World No. I Heritage Monuments.

Sites of wars between the British and indigenous population especially the Ashanti peoples. Ancient artistry in fabrics with the colorful and popular Ashanti Bonwire Kente Cloth now adopted as a focus of identity by many people of African descent the world over. An antique collector's haven for ancient terra-cotta work. Traditional gold jewelry, Krobo beads, northern leather and straw product, woodcarving of Ahwiaa-Ashanti.

The practice of ancient herbal and alternative medicine side by side with orthodox medical practice throughout the country; herbariums preserve the ancient medical heritage., colorful traditional festivals full of pomp and pageantry with Chiefs and Queen Mothers riding on lushly gilded palanquins. Colorful traditional open markets and lorry parks provide the sounds and sights of the African bazaar.


The Ghana Tourist Board was set up by Legislative Instrument (NRC Degree) 224 in 1973. It is the sole government agency set up to implement government's tourism policies. It is purely a Research, Marketing and regulatory body under the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations. Contact gtb@africaonline.com.


Website: http://www.touringghana.com/gtb.asp