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iPhone Technology Steps up a Notch with PEPID

EvaPhone with PEPID has achieved the ultimate all-in-one status tool for healthcare professionals. More than double the amount of clinical and pharmacological information can be accessed now that PEPID's robust clinical and pharmacological content are available on the iPhone.

With PEPID, physicians need to look no further than their iPhone to find the answers to critical questions like, "what are the possible diagnoses?" "what's the recommended prescribed drug?" "what's the recommended dose?" or "are there any possible drug interactions?" and "what is the best evidence available for treatment?" Previously the answers to these questions could only be found though memory or by looking up information in outdated textbooks, but now it's available literally at their fingertips.

"The iPhone was revolutionary when it was introduced. Now with PEPID, it's become the preferred point-of-care tool that doctors and nurses rely on," says PEPID President, John Wagner. "Currently, there are numerous channel applications available. Some contain drug information, some have minimal disease profiles, some have several calculators and there are even electronic textbooks. PEPID has achieved the ultimate all-in-one status by including 7,500 drug names, more than 3,000 diseases and conditions, differential diagnostics, illustrations, laboratory values and in excess of 2,000 medical calculators. Most importantly though, is that it's all truly fully integrated information &emdash; making iPhone with PEPID an extremely powerful reference."

PEPID has provided healthcare professionals clinical specialty-focused products since 1994 focusing on the way clinicians practice medicine. The incorporation of medical and dosing calculators, drug interactions, drug information, illustrations and evidence-based practice recommendations at the point of care during a patient consultation has given the company its prominent status in healthcare technology.

PEPID has long been established as a provider of quality, independent clinical content, offering the most robust medical information resources on the market, not only in terms of sheer numbers but also in terms of features.

"Now clinicians can enter a list of symptoms and immediately see possible diagnosis. Things unheard of a few years ago, are now in the palm of their hand and delivered to them over the air." says Wagner. "Just imagine PEPID's impact in improving patient care, improving accuracy, providing clinical decisions and allowing the care provider more time to see additional patients.

Previously this availability and quality of information would have required additional research and colleague consultations.

Looking in one place and finding everything you need is powerful in any industry, but the benefits are even more substantial in healthcare. PEPID is available on iPhone and all other smart phones, online or delivered into an existing electronic medical record system.

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David Bledsoe

Managing Director, Sales & Marketing




PEPID utilizes mobile and online technology to deliver clinical decision-support resources specific for healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, EMTs and students.

PEPID content is reviewed and contributed to by partners including the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, the National Association of Emergency Medical Services Educators, the Family Physician Inquiries Network, the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, the Oncology Nursing Society, and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists to ensure content is of the highest quality.