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Previous Google Scores.
Africa Travel Industry
#1 and 2 from 33,700,000
Marketing Africa to Asia
#1 from 29,600,000 entries.
Marketing Africa to Canada
#1 and 2 from 32,300,000
USA Africa Tourism
#1 and 2 from 1,860,000
Africa Travel Industry
#1 and 2 from 33,000,000
Africa Travel Trade
#1 and 2 from 37,300,000
Africa Travel Shows
#1 and 2 from 49,900,000
African Travel Fashion
#1 and 2 from 5,770,000
Africa Travel Ministers
#1 and 2 from 6,940,000
African Airline Association
#1 and 2 from 2,180,000
African Embassies USA
#2 and 3 from 1,160,000
African American Travel Market
#2 from 7,520,000

Africa's Flying Gourmet
Our websites rank #1 to 4 on Google from 919,000 entries

Our Yahoo Scores, Jan. 2007
Africa Fashion
#1 and from 21,700,00
African Embassies USA
#1 and 2 from 346,000
Africa Travel Fashion
#1 and 2 from 12,100,000
Africa Travel Industry
#1 and 2 from 16,800,00
Marketing Africa to Asia
#1 from 16,300,000
Marketing Africa to Canada
#1 and 2 from 18,900,00
USA Africa Tourism
#1 and 3 from 4,010,000

A Powerful, Positive, Global Voice for Africa Travel, Trade and Tourism. In Print! Online! On Air!

This WebSite is #1 and #2 on Google for ªMarketing Africa Travel to USA "
#1 and #2 on Google for ªMarketing Africa Travel to Canada "
#1 and #2 on Google for ªMarketing Africa Travel to Asia "
#1 and #2 on Google for ªMarketing Africa Travel to Middle East "
#2 and #3 on Google for ªMarketing Africa Tourism to Europe "

by Jerry W. Bird, Editor

According to H. E. President Kikwete of Tanzania, "The western media needs to focus more on success stories in Africa. We are doing so many good things out here which do not get enough publicity."

Africa Travel Magazine is a powerful, positive, influential media voice - in print, online and on air. We're foremost in delivering the "good news" about Africa to our travel, trade and tourism colleagues - a success record verified by #1 rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN for many Africa topics.

Scoring high on the internet's, most highly respected search engines, beats any popularity poll. Such consistent results prove that our 12 years as publishers of Africa Travel Magazine are making their mark. These daily #1, 2 and 3 ratings reflect our website's appeal to upscale, educated adult readers, who are sincerely interested in our positive, forward looking message about Africa travel, trade and tourism. We're official voice of the Africa Travel Association, whose members know the territory extremely well, having staged world class events in 33 African cities since 1976. In addition, our ATA President and key board members are African Tourism Ministers - others represent airlines, hotels, tour companies and educators.

Since many of today's tuned in, turned on professionals get their news, views and background information via the Internet, our website employs certain facets of North America's top print media; the eye appeal of Conde Nast; the life span of National Geographic and the variety of Readers Digest. To catch, capture and command the viewer's attention, our headlines telegraph the core message, and to aid navigation, our new color coded top bars, and 'mini menus" on side bars keep them going in the right direction. The visitor's attention is further riveted by a wealth of cultural, wildlife and nature photography, plus scenes of Africans in action at events worldwide. We offer hundreds of great images - and each gallery page is linked to a specific country or region.

Best Wishes,

Jerry W. Bird, Editor

This web site ranked #1 for Marketing Africa Trade. Google Search Sept. 7, 2007

Travel Trade Show activities keep our printed magazine high profile

The Power of Positive Searches
Need more proof? Valuable statistics are gathered by regular searches on Google, MSN and Yahoo, North America's most powerful search engines. The quickest way to judge a web site's power, and performance is to search using basic words. You cannot get more basic than "Africa Travel," or "Africa Fashion" - simple words that open the floodgates to millions of web pages worldwide. See the amazing search figures below and read our ""Did you Know" items.

Previous Search Statistics for Our Website
#1 on Google for African Hotels and Resorts in a search including 3 million entries?

#1 on MSN for information on Africa Travel? Not bad, considering it's from 21 million entries. And we're in the top 3 on Google and Yahoo.

For Cameroon Tourism our site was #1 on Google? We topped 5 million entries, outranking Lonely Planet and the country's official tourism site.

For Africa Fashion we're #1 on Google and MSN ? Google search is from 40.300.000 entries.

For African Travel Shows our site was #1 on Google? We led 20 million entries on this vital topic.

For African Tourism Ministers our site ranks #1 on Google? Tops again - In a Google search from 1,300,00 entries.

For African Embassies USA we scored 2 of the top 10 on Google? That's from a search of 1,820,000. entries.

Guinea Tourism we have 2 of Google's top 3? This search included 7 million entries. Period of search March 12-16, 2006.

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"The business model for web advertising is loosely based on the comfortable television model that we've all lived with for over 50 years: people pay for getting the content free by enduring the ads. The publishers are happy to sell the ads and the agencies are happy with a familiar ad model that they know makes them money. With web advertising, the clients on the other hand, are still just putting toes in the water unsure of the medium, but increasingly driven there by a sense that finally the paradigms are shifting and they should be exploring the world of new media.

At the same time, the web advertising model has become even more exciting to the advertising establishment now that video is being incorporated to the web. Now it really looks and feels like an extension of the old TV model, so Madison Avenue is tempted to breathe a huge sigh of relief. Halleluiah! The golden goose is not dead; it just moved…to the Internet." Link to web

Podcasting and Odeo
While still too much in its infancy to be considered an immediate threat to the radio industry, podcasting does present the prospect of a growing army of iPod-toting commuters who take programming decisions out of the hands of broadcasters and customize their own listening. Odeo's founders say they believe that, as with other old and new media, conventional radio and podcasting can coexist in the long term. If, through podcasting, conventional radio programs are increasingly stored and played back on the listener's schedule, rather than the broadcaster's, then the trend could have the same time-shifting impact that TiVo-style video recorders have had on the viewing habits of television audiences. But Mr. Williams said that the real promise of podcasting might lie not in what it means for conventional radio but in the new forms of expression the medium will permit. "We're going to let people do what they do," he said, "and we'll see what they do and hope they do it a lot."
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