Nyali Beach Holiday Resort at Mombasa, Kenya

Our stay at the beautiful Nyali Beach Holiday Resort was outstanding. The beautifully landscaped property overlooks the blue- green waters of the Indian Ocean. Just ten minutes from Mombasa town -- and there's a great shopping nearby. We had a choice of hotel rooms or a self catering cottage - and sampled both, The resort has two swimming pools and numerous amenities. We enjoyed the private beach area , the magical sands and sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. The Editors.

We will talk about the excellent food and bar facilities in our dining section.

Contact: Catherine Nzioka
Sales and Marketing Manager
Nyali Beach Hotel 
Box 1874, Mombasa - Kenya
Tel : (00254-11) 472325 / 474396/ 472175
Mobile Number-00254-72-204139
Fax: (254-11) 472402 / 401088 / 2286696

sales@nyalibeach.co.ke and catherine.nzioka@nyalibeach.co.ke


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Nyali Beach Hotel

Comments: We arrived at the Mombasa Railway station early in the morning and took a taxi to the Nyali Beach Hotel where we had a noon appointment with John Cleave of Mombasa Air Safaris, who is also President of Skal International for Kenya. Getting to the hotel early gave us ample time to look over the premises, check out the lush gardens, stroll along the private beach. We also had time to get acquainted with the staff, and were shown around by Sales Manager Catherine Nzokia. Right from the start, we felt so much at home, we ended up spending two days and nights at this delightful location with its rich tradition. The Nyali Beach Hotel's interesting history and description of facilities and services to come on a separate page. Nyali Beach Hotel Photo page.

Photo top left of Catherine Nzokia and associate by Muguette Goufrani., Africa Travel Magazine