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Welcome To The Tamarind Dhow
The Tamarind Dhows "Nawalilkher" and Babulkher  are authentic ocean going jahazis (traditional Arab sailing boats), formerly used for cargo trading along the Kenyan Coast and to the Arab States.  The Dhows have been completely refurbished as   floating restaurants, without losing any of the traditional aspects of the original Dhow.  They are now moored at the Mombasa Tamarind jetty.As  a restaurant, "Nawalilkher", is available for individual bookings, and has a sitting capacity of 70 people for dinner, which leaves plenty of room for dancing on the night cruises.  By removing some of the tables, the Dhow has ample room to hold a cocktail party for up to 100 people. "Babulkher with a capacity of 55 pax for dinner and 70 pax for cocktails and is also available for exclusive hire. Nawalilkher sails everyday except Sunday for both the day and evening cruises.  Private charters can be organized for Sunday as required.The lunchtime cruise departs from the Tamarind jetty at.1.00 pm, cruises gently up the Tudor creek, to a quiet spot where the Dhow moors. Lunch consists of a delicious Tamarind seafood platter with a selection of Kenya's wonderful seafood or a prime Kenyan fillet steak followed by fresh tropical fruit - salad, and rounded off with Kenyan coffee and halwa.  The Dhow returns to the jetty at 3.00 p m. The dinner cruise commencing at 6.30 pm, begins with a welcome "Dawa" cocktail as the Dhow sails smoothly towards Fort Jesus.  The twinkling lights of Mombasa and the starlit skies provide idyllic surroundings for a delicious seafood dinner meticulously prepared in Swahili style on the deck in front of the guests.  The resident band on board offers a wide choice of dance music, from the latest hits to the golden oldies as the Dhow gently glides back to the Tamarind Jetty by 10.30 pm. 

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