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Washington, D.C:. Venue International Professionals, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperative agreement with Serokolo Health Tourism in order to promote health and medical tourism services in South Africa. Serokolo Health Tourism (Serokolo) is a health and medical tourism company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Serokolo's primary drive is to provide holistic, comprehensive and quality health services to the international community. Serokolo was founded in April 2004 by Dr. Tshepo Maaka, a vibrant, highly trained and seasoned medical practitioner whose experience spans a vast number of services across the medical profession. Dr. Maaka's formal training includes anesthesiology, the provision of health services, public health management and health management strategy consulting. Her aim is to provide integrated healthcare services through innovative, client-specific and goal-oriented solutions. Serokolo offers international and foreign patients access to world class quality health care through private and public medical centers, clinics and specialists at affordable and competitive prices. Serokolo also offers its clients an opportunity to recuperate in outstanding surroundings that allow them to appreciate the magnificent scenery, abundant wildlife and cultural diversity of South Africa.

South Africa has a long legacy of medical innovation and world-class healthcare in leading edge medical technologies, expertise and value-for-money attracting foreign clients for a myriad of cosmetic, corrective or dental procedures. South Africa also has a well developed public and private hospital system and South African medical schools have produced professionals whose qualifications are recognized worldwide. Serokolo has been uniquely designed to take advantage of this emerging health and medical tourism market in which quality medical care and sound health solutions are being merged with affordable healthcare and superior treatment options and tourism-related recuperation destinations. Medical tourism has rapidly emerged in South Africa whereby patients from foreign countries come there to access high-quality healthcare. The patient is literally "outsourced" to South Africa for medical treatment and medical services are often obtained at more affordable prices than they could be accessed in their own country. This is usually a result of: (a) long waiting periods for operations; (b) escalating high cost of medical care; (c) overly burdensome insurance paperwork creating slow responses; and (d) lack of infrastructure particularly for complex medical cases.

Traditionally medical tourism was largely for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, as well as orthopedic surgery. Serokolo has expanded traditional medical tourism services to cover all medical and surgical specialties from simple procedures to complex medical and surgical procedures at a reasonable cost. Serokolo's health and medical tourism services include the following:


o Personalized client liaison by qualified medical personnel;

o Administrative assistance to allow for smooth and expedited access to South Africa;

o Organization of aero-medical evacuation services from host country into South Africa;

o Referral to internationally accredited medical facilities with certified medical and surgical specialists;

o Access to various medical and surgical specialists including, but not limited to, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, dental surgery, interventional radiology, orthopedic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and nuclear medicine;

o Extensive health screening coupled with revitalization packages;

o Case management;

o Accommodation for accompanying family members;

o Accommodation following medical and/or surgical treatment to allow for recuperation;

o Medical tours and regular tours to South Africa's magnificent destinations; and

o Support throughout the client's stay in South Africa.

Serokolo allows non-citizens of South Africa to access quality private healthcare in South Africa at favorable Rand/Dollar exchange rates. Serokolo's clinical experts are thoroughly scrutinized before being allowed to work with their clients. All patients requiring treatment in South Africa will go through a comprehensive review by an expert panel to decide on the best treatment options while offering reliable, consistent and dependable services.

Venue International Professionals, Inc. (VIP) is a full-service travel and tourism company based in the Washington Metropolitan Area of the United States of America specializing in travel and tourism destinations to the Continent of Africa. According to Helen C. Broadus, VIP's President, "this partnership between VIP and Serokolo represents a strategic move towards offering health and medical tourism to a truly outstanding destination. Already, an increasing number of tourists are visiting South Africa not to explore its usual attractions but to have cosmetic surgery procedures. By promoting medical and surgical care with safaris and/or holidays, VIP can make visitors aware of world class infrastructure, excellent medical services and fantastic tourism destinations for many more American tourists that are interested in visiting South Africa."

For more information about how you can benefit from this high level of medical expertise and experience please contact Dr. Tshepo P. Maaka, Managing Director of Serokolo Health Tourism, at Telephone: +27-11-804-7117; Facsimile: +27-11-656-9378; E-Mail: healthtours; and also visit Serokolo's website at For more information about VIP please contact Helen C. Broadus, President of VIP, at 1-877-TO-VENUE [TOLL FREE]; (301) 856-9188 [VOICE]; (301) 868-2218 [FAX]; [E-MAIL]; and also visit VIP's website at