Africa Travel Library World Editions and Global Reach


 Goals and Mission Statement for 2009 and beyond

Gerald W.E. Bird

We launched Africa Travel Magazine in 1995 and after 14 years the magazine has a substantial base of advertisers, most of them located in Africa. Our 4,000 page website ranks #1 on Google and Yahoo for many Africa topics. Thanks to an expanded global reach and influence, it now generates over one million hits every month. From this strong foundation we are positioned to expand our operations on the African Continent and Global Diaspora.

We can double our business by publishing more of our editions in French and expanding the French language section of the website. We can also enlarge the Air Highways and Worldscene websites and establish an African based marketing team for advertising and exhibit space. We will also introduce our own seminars and events in addition to our efforts on behalf of ATA, the Africa Travel Association and ATTA, the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

For the above purposes, I have decided to change by base of operations to allow for half or more time each year on the Continent of Africa. This will require more flexibility in my accommodation. Fortunately my office travels with me thanks to digital communications with laptop computers, cellular phones, skype and other services

My career has included many decades of management and ownership experience in communications and marketing, as a member of the media and an advisor to small clients in advertising and public relations. I am also an effective organizer of trade shows and plan to stage some events and road shows at various African locations. At an age where I am unrestricted and available to travel on short notice, the time is ripe for a change of focus so that I can accomplish the results that will have a lasting heritage for good works and goodwill.

In the past 15 years most of my time has been devoted to Africa Tourism and I have visited almost 20 countries, some on three or more occasions, often spending a month or longer. My most visited countries are Ethiopia, Morocco, Ghana, Tanzania, Cameroon and South Africa.

My partner was born in Africa and is fluent in French, having worked in France, Morocco, Algeria, Gabon and Cote d'Ivoire for airlines and other areas of tourism.

My immediate goal is to build the Africa Travel Library, which includes:


a) Five Regional Africa Destination Guides.

b) World Editions for specific destinations ( i.e. Ethiopia) available in print)

c) Air Highways to Africa - Continuing update to a much needed resource for transportation connections to, from and within Africa.

d) Venues - Guide to Festivals, Travel Shows, etc.

e) Other topics - African food and dining, fashion, lifestyle, music and art, humanitarian causes.



While in Africa: Essaouira, Morocco

Have visited more of Morocco than any other African country.

Close family friends and living facilities available year round.

Good relations and transportation to much of Francophone Africa and to Europe by land and or air.

Possible low cost source for printing and distribution.

While in North America: Seattle, Washington

Seattle has been my U.S. Mailing address with friends in recent years.

Have dual citizenship - USA and Canada.

Family connections for generations, father's birthplace.

.Plan to rent a home in Seattle area for longer stays.

Close to my previous base of Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I have many contacts.

Headquarters of the Boeing Aircraft Company and Microsoft.

Headquarters of ATTA, Adventure Travel Trade Association.

Excellent and inexpensive sources for printing and shipping of magazines.

Convenient to trade shows in Las Vegas, California, Oregon and Western Canada.

While in Europe: Paris, France

Close friends and living facilities available.

Access to major travel industry events.

Strong ties with the French speaking African Diaspora.

Great media contacts and information sources.