San Francisco, Ca , Adventures in Travel Expo co- sponsored by Africa Travel Association and Magazine. Photo of Golden Gate Bridge courtesy of San Francisco CVB.

ATA- Africa Travel Magazine anchor Africa Exhibits at Major Market Travel Shows in USA and Canada

If Africa Travel Magazine's advertisers were excited about ATA's full slate of USA major market travel shows and promotions for 2005 - they'll now be more pumped up than ever! The Africa Travel Association (ATA) will operate "Africa Section" anchor exhibits at expos in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. Considering Africa exhibits already booked for New York, Washington, DC, Miami and San Francisco, the impact is overwhelming. World Travel Market in London, UK, Montreal's SITV and Indaba 2005 in Durban, South Africa round out ATA's schedule of international travel industry venues. The first three expos in 2004, where Africa Travel Magazine and ATA anchored the Africa Section (New York and Chicago), attracted over 60,000 visitors.

Africa Travel Magazine's Grand Tour Series
"It's a thirty year dream come true" said Jerry W. Bird, Africa Travel Magazine's Managing Editor. "To kick off ATA's 30th Anniversary Jubilee Year, we offer African Travel and Tourism clients North American wide exposure for the very first time. This show series will be a platform for recruiting new members and a springboard for mass circulation of magazines. " According to Mr. Bird, Africa Travel Magazine's new Grand Tour Series will be ideal for distribution at these events. The new "destination specific" series debuts this coming spring with a Grand Tour in our “Uganda, Land of Opportunity" edition. Grand Tour inserts, including Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt and others, continue inside subsequent issues.

"With support from Africa's National Tourism Boards and Trade Authorities," says Jerry W. Bird, "we will produce a library of positive, upbeat, destination magazine editions on Africa. Each will offer a blueprint for Grand Tours, endorsed by Africa Travel Magazine and others. Editorially, we will continue to present a positive, upbeat, forward looking view of today's Africa; one that the vast majority North Americans never see in conventional media. It's a refreshing change for the better."

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