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ATA New York Chapter, NYATA hosts Nigeria's EcoTourism Symposium Group

..... ATA/4th EcoTourism Symposium takes place in Abuja, Nigeria, Dec. 3-8, 2000

Key persons in plannning and organizing the event are (l to r) :
Miss Bode-Thomas, ATA Nigeria Chapter; Josephine Macaulay, Chairman of ATA 4th EcoTourism Symposium; Mrs. Carrington ; Walter C. Carrington, Former US Ambassador to Nigeria; Miss Omatayo Omotosho, Chief Executive, Nigeria Development Corporation (NDTC); Marlene Melton, African Ventures and President, ATA New York Chapter. A Press Conference organized by Ms. Melton was held Sept. 19 at the Holiday Inn Embassy Ballroom in New York City. An announcement regarding the EcoTourism event was provided by Mr.
Ladi Jemi Alade of ATA Nigeria.