Official Name: Réunion
int'l long form: Department of Reunion
formerly: Île Bonaparte, Bourbon island (until 1848)

Capital City: Saint-Denis

French overseas department (département d'outre-mer, or DOM).

Location: West of southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.
Area: 2 512 sq. km. (969 sq. mi.)
Terrain: Mostly mountainous; fertile lowlands along the coast.
Highest point: Piton des Neiges 3 069 m 

Climate: Tropical, but temperature moderates with elevation; hot and rainy from November to April, cool and dry from May to November.

Nationality: Reunionese
Population: 777 000
Ethnic Groups: French, African, Malagasy, Chinese, Pakistani, Indian.
Religions: Roman Catholic 86%, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist.
Languages: French (official), Creole widely used.
Literacy: 90%

Natural resources: Fish, arable land, hydropower.

Agriculture products: Sugarcane, vanilla, tobacco, tropical fruits, vegetables, corn.

Industries: Sugar, rum, cigarettes, handicraft items, flower oil extraction; tourism. 

Exports partners: France 74%, Japan 6%,Comoros 4% (2004)

Imports partners: France 64%, Bahrain 3%,Germany 3%, Italy 3% (2004)

Currency: Euro (EU
Reunion Island Travel Guide
An island of true contrasts, the French department of Reunion is unknown to many of the world's travelers. That's unfortunate! This unique island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is simply one of the most intriguing spots on earth.

Not as well-known as nearby Mauritius or the not-so-far-away British Seychelles, little Reunion seems but a speck in the vast ocean, dwarfed by Madagascar, located 500 miles to the west. The French know the island well but only the very well-traveled have ever stepped foot on Reunion's varied and enticing terrain.

With an active volcano on its south coast, 17 miles of warm, welcoming beaches in the west, and lots of mountains and forests in between, Reunion Island offers vacation opportunities ranging from relaxing to truly insane. If you're looking for a place to "chill out", you'll find it here. But if you're the kind of vacationer who prefers an adrenaline rush over a sunburn, the possibilities are endless. From hiking Reunion's unique "cirques" or canyoning the island's many waterfalls to scuba diving or surfing in the clear waters that surround this tiny 30-mile-wide island, adventure activities abound for vacationers hoping to do something a little daring while on their Reunion holiday.



Thirty travel agents and Transat officials just concluded an extensive fact-finding mission on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion, after the tour operators signaled their return to market Reunion after an absence of 9 years.

Transat is a subsidiary of a Canadian company and offers some 50 destinations world-wide. The company this year put a special offer named “Eden Island” on the market, under which it will specifically promote Reunion Island alongside two other Vanilla Islands. 

Much has changed on the island since Transat last offered holidays to Reunion Island in 2006 and company officials and travel agents were taken across the island to see the attractions and inspect hotels. 

Welcomed by the incoming agency, Anthurium, the group visited the hotel establishments along the west coast of the island, namely the Reef, The Saint Alexis, the Residence Archipelago, the Alamanda, The Hermitage Relais, and the LUX Reunion Island. The last stop of the day allowed them to experience a treasure hunt in the hotel gardens before returning to the Reef for dinner and overnight.

The following day everyone needed to be up at dawn for a discovery tour of the island from the sky. 

Overflight “magic” was performed by the company Helilagon Helicopter, which allowed the group to appreciate the sheer magnificence of Reunion Island while overflying the rugged interior and UNESCO World Heritage site, and, of course, the famous Iron Hole. 

After returning to the ground, the participants headed to the Hermitage, where a breakfast was waiting at Le Nautile, before returning to Saint-Leu to visit the hotel Iloha. By late morning, the tour moved to the “Wild South.” After a stop in the colorful alleys of the market of Saint-Pierre, the professionals were able to try out a traditional style picnic in Arabic Well (St. Philip). A cultural walk along the cliffs of the south of the island was also in the afternoon program, followed by a visit to the Palm Hotel & Spa where they could enjoy an exotic cocktail facing the sunset of the Indian Ocean. 

After a last night at Lux Island of Reunion, the group then left Reunion Island, having come as strangers but leaving as friends and tourism ambassadors.

There was broad agreement among the participants who found the Reunion Island magic, with a warm welcome and with excellent hotels and resorts, each with their unique selling points.

During the days of the fam trip, the smiles never left the faces of participating professionals. Clearly this first trip to Reunion Island by Transat Holidays is not going to be the last one.

Source: Reunion Island Tourism (IRT)

Mar 28, 2015

From January 26 to March 02 inclusive, nearly 15 million Internet users were invited to vote for their favorite travel site on the occasion of the seventh edition of D'Or Travel. Nominated alongside 49 other destinations, Reunion Island won the 2015 trophy in the category “Tourist Offices.” After two Golden Travel awards were already scooped up in 2012 and 2014, Reunion Island has now won this coveted trophy for the third time.

Reunion Island was awarded their Gold Travel trophy during the gala evening held at the Pavillon Gabriel, situated in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, a few steps from the Place de la Concorde. Nominated as favorite travel website of Internet users in its class, the new public web site of reunion.fr competed alongside over 300 other websites in all categories. Launched on January 9 as a state-of-the-art pro-active website for Reunion Island, the site highlights the major tourism attractions of the island. The ease of use and incorporating the latest website technology made the difference when Reunion’s website was selected as the winner.

This is a great reward for Reunion Island, which intends to develop its tourism economy with a strong innovative spirit. The new technologies of information and communication (ICT) are at the heart of the target policy, particularly through the development of several interactive and fun features.

Reunion Island won the 2012 Golden Travel Innovation in the “applications and tablets” category for their 3600 implementation and the 2014 Golden Travel as the most preferred Internet travel website in the “tourist offices” category. These previous victories have given it its status as "the geekiest destination" by Frédéric Vanhoutte, President of Eventiz and creator of the Golden Travel Award scheme. 

Source: Reunion Island Tourism (IRT)

Ce jeudi 26 mars 2015, l’île de La Réunion a remporté un Travel d’Or, dans la catégorie "offices de tourisme". Nominé aux côtés de 49 autres destinations internationales, le site Internet du Comité Régional de Tourisme de La Réunion a été plébiscité par les internautes.
Du 26 janvier au 2 mars 2015, près de 15 millions d’internautes ont été invités à voter pour leur site de voyage préféré, à l’occasion de la septième édition des Travel D’Or. Retenue aux côtés de 49 autres destinations, l’île de La Réunion a remporté le trophée 2015, dans la catégorie "offices de tourisme". Après deux Travel d’Or raflés en 2012 et 2014, La Réunion vient de remporter le Travel d’Or 2015 pour la troisième fois !
L’île de La Réunion s’est vue décerner un Travel d’Or lors de la soirée de gala, qui s’est déroulée au Pavillon Gabriel, situé dans le 8e arrondissement de Paris, à quelques pas de la place de la Concorde. Elu site Internet de voyage préféré des internautes dans sa catégorie, le nouveau site grand public reunion.fr était en compétition aux côtés de plus de 300 autres sites Internet, toutes catégories confondues. Inauguré le 9 janvier dernier, le site de la destination Réunion, qui met en avant les atouts majeurs de l’île, tout en renforçant l’attractivité avec les internautes et mobinautes, a permis d’assurer la victoire de La Réunion.
Il s’agit d’une formidable récompense pour l’île de La Réunion qui entend développer son économie touristique avec un esprit novateur fort. Les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC) sont au cœur de la stratégie de la destination, notamment à travers le développement de plusieurs fonctionnalités interactives et ludiques.
Rappelons que l’île de La Réunion a décroché le Travel d’Or 2012 de l’innovation dans la catégorie "applications et tablettes" pour l’application 360°, ainsi que le Travel d’Or 2014 pour le site Internet de voyages préféré des internautes dans la catégorie "offices de tourisme". Ces victoires précédentes lui ont conféré son statut de "destination la plus geek en usage de communication", par Frédéric Vanhoutte, président d’Eventiz et créateur des Travel d’Or.

 07th February 2014

The Reunion Tourism Office central reservation department has yesterday welcomed new service providers to their extensive list of existing partners, affirming that tourism remains a growth sector on this French Indian Ocean island.
New are the Villa Oté, a colonial style guest house situated in the Entre-Deux. Three bedrooms open onto a living library where a reading area and a coffee corner is available to visitors. Vacationers can enjoy breakfast served outside on the terrace at the floor or in the exotic garden of the house. Villa Oté also offers a table d'hôte evening meal which gives guests the opportunity to enjoy a tasty and creative cuisine, home cooking style. Oté The Villa has an infinity pool and a spa, offering a Hikers relaxing excursion parties on the many trails in the village.

Also new is the Domaine de Café Grille, located in Saint-Pierre which offers guided tours of the botanical garde. This is taking visitors back in time to trace the history of the great culture that has made La Réunion. At the heart of a garden of four acres, visitors will discover shrubs rich in colors that bloom extends throughout the year. Flowering vines, bamboo and palms, walkers will appreciate the biodiversity which can be found here. For those peckish or outright hungry, the Domaine de Café Grille offers tasty local dishes and of course coffee and croissants.

Reunion, one of France’s regions in the Indian Ocean – Mayotte is the other one – has over the past years made determined efforts to move its tourism industry away from the past nearly total reliance of the French domestic market, from where home airline Air Austral connects 12 times a week from Charles De Gaulle in Paris to the island’s main airport Roland Garros in the capital St. Denis. Agreements with South Africa for a Visa Waiver Programme have born fruits and seen visitor numbers from there increase in leaps and bounds and a similar deal is in the making now for China and reportedly some other countries too.

Reunion’s attractions, from the sandy beaches to the rugged interior and active volcano Piton de la Fournaise, can be accessed via www.reunion.fr and the various links to service providers found there.

Unparalled Adventure Awaits the Reunion Island Explorer
July 31, 2014

Seasoned explorers and adventurous travellers have long known that Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean Islands, is the go-to spot when looking for an authentic mix of Creole culture, beautiful beach lifestyle and extraordinary adventure.



With no less than 42% of the island declared a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site; exotic, lush plant life contrasts with the dusty lunar landscapes of the volcanic regions as visitors travel through over 200 micro-climates to discover this extraordinary place.


More accessible to South African’s than ever before, Reunion Island is a mere four hour flight from Johannesburg and South African passport holders do not require visas or inoculations to visit this malaria-free paradise.


The “cirques” Piton des Neiges and Piton de la Fournaise in the most remote part of the island are still navigable by road, whereas the incredible Mafate cirque is only accessible to hikers and is best enjoyed through the hospitality of the island’s inhabitants when staying overnight at hiking ‘gites’ or huts.


The world’s most active volcano; Piton de la Fournaise, erupted recently without any threat to life and was a treat to visitors who happened to be on the island. At all times, a flyover of the Piton de la Fournaise is a spectacular, other-worldly experience and will also likely take you across some of the islands diverse regions, as well as the turquoise coastline.


Canyonning and rafting is another must in Reunion, with numerous companies taking visitors into the river systems and ancient lava flows for an adrenalin-pumping adventure.


To the sea, the West and South boast the best beaches and swimming, along with the tranquil waters of the lagoon. With everything on offer from translucent kayaks and glass bottom boat trips to dolphin and whale charters, scuba dives and boat trips, as well as stand up paddling and simply swimming in the warm water, Reunion is an aquatic playground with plenty of relaxation in between.


To find the wilderness at its purest, the East coast with its cooler, wetter climate brings its own adventure as visitors meet the local people and enjoy the abundant fruit and dense vegetation of this region.


Source:- Reunion Tourism



May 12, 2013

LUX Ile de La Reunion won the Leading Island Hotel award tonight at the World Travel Awards (WTA) being held in the Maldives. The award was accepted at the WTA Indian Ocean gala dinner this evening.

Located on the lush volcanic island of Reunion, LUX Ile de La Reunion presents a glistening beach by day and the shimmering Saint-Gilles lagoon by night. Gardens scattered with charming Creole villas, coconut palms, and filao trees provide the perfect setting for this unique beach hotel in Reunion, with exclusive views of the coral-sheltered lagoon at L'Hermitage. The only 5-star hotel on Reunion Island, this stunning property balances a unique fusion of Creole energy and colonial elegance.

The hotel offers tennis and volleyball courts in the gardens, a spacious swimming pool, yoga in the gardens, and private in-room spa treatments. Fresh, locally-sourced seafood is on offer at the beach resort's various restaurants and bars.

On the island of Reunion, the World Heritage sites of the Pitons, Cirques, and Ramparts, showcase the island’s rugged beauty, dramatic volcanic peaks, and tumbling waterfalls.

For more information about LUX Ile de la Reunion, visit:http://www.luxresorts.com/en/reunion-island/lux-ile-de-la-reunion/welcom...

16th May 2014
When the ballots were cast and the votes counted there was relief among most in the room as Didier Robert, President of the Regional Council of Reunion, was declared the newly elected head of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Island organization, a position he will now hold for one year.

Three weeks earlier did an attempt to choose the new man at the helm fail in Victoria as a deadlock arose when other candidates were put forward as candidates.

Didier Robert is known to be a staunch supporter of the Vanilla Island concept and has defended Reunion’s membership and contributions repeatedly in the past, pointing to a significant rise in arrival numbers. Didier Robert has left no doubt that this came as a result of a close cooperation with key partner islands as well as the joint promotion the Vanilla Island Organization undertakes at the leading tourism trade shows. He was the first to throw his personal support behind the Seychelles’ Carnival International de Victoria when making Reunion the co-host for the event and staying the course.
Like former Vanilla Island Organization president Alain St. Ange, Minister for Tourism and Culture in the Seychelles’ government, it takes a person who is 100 percent behind the concept to lead the young organization onwards, someone who has practiced what he preached and Didier Robert is exactly the man the Vanilla Islands needed to solidify past gains and prosper some more in the future. Congratulations to Didier Robert on his election and a vote of thanks to Alain St. Ange who served for the past two years and made the Vanilla Islands visible to the world as a new tourism region in the Indian Ocean.