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"The business model for web advertising is loosely based on the comfortable television model that we've all lived with for over 50 years: people pay for getting the content free by enduring the ads. The publishers are happy to sell the ads and the agencies are happy with a familiar ad model that they know makes them money. With web advertising, the clients on the other hand, are still just putting toes in the water unsure of the medium, but increasingly driven there by a sense that finally the paradigms are shifting and they should be exploring the world of new media.

At the same time, the web advertising model has become even more exciting to the advertising establishment now that video is being incorporated to the web. Now it really looks and feels like an extension of the old TV model, so Madison Avenue is tempted to breathe a huge sigh of relief. Halleluiah! The golden goose is not dead; it just moved…to the Internet." Link to web

Podcasting and Odeo
While still too much in its infancy to be considered an immediate threat to the radio industry, podcasting does present the prospect of a growing army of iPod-toting commuters who take programming decisions out of the hands of broadcasters and customize their own listening. Odeo's founders say they believe that, as with other old and new media, conventional radio and podcasting can coexist in the long term. If, through podcasting, conventional radio programs are increasingly stored and played back on the listener's schedule, rather than the broadcaster's, then the trend could have the same time-shifting impact that TiVo-style video recorders have had on the viewing habits of television audiences. But Mr. Williams said that the real promise of podcasting might lie not in what it means for conventional radio but in the new forms of expression the medium will permit. "We're going to let people do what they do," he said, "and we'll see what they do and hope they do it a lot."
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