4. ZAMBIA - Mfuwe
Walking safaris and game drives are
popular at Mfuwe Lodge
Airwaves Cessna: Christabela with
Doris Kofi and group at airport
Mfuwe Lodge contributes
to schools in the area.

path to typical guest residence
swimming pool and patio area

wild dog stalking zebra
Mfuwe outdoor cooking facility

Walking safaris and game drives are popular

Tibor Kiss of Hungary, fellow traveler with Mfuwe Lodge front desk clerk

.Bushcamp - Mfuwe Lodge School

In 1999, The Bushcamp Company and Mfuwe Trails set up a project whose aim would be to become involved with the local communities and to help these communities by supporting education and providing much-needed help to local schools. As our main projects, we chose to help two schools, namely Chiwwatala Primary School in the main Mfuwe area and Chilongozi School, which is in remote area close to our bushcamps. more

Dozens more photos to come in this series