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Zambia Post Tours

The benefits of hosting an ATA International Congress and Trade Show continue for years after the event, as annual increases in tourism revenue and activity by various hosts from the past continue to confirm. There is also what we might call the “add-on effect” -- a very important bonus for travel agents and tour operators everywhere. A key factor in every major event sponsored, partnered or staged by the Africa Travel Association is the "open door" for member companies to arrange special tours to coincide with the dates, season and location selected by our ATA board and committee. For example at the ATA 28th International Congress in Livingstone and Lusaka, Zambia there were several pre and post tours arranged by member firms representing various US chapters. The pre-post locations in May and
June 2003 included the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa National Parks in Zambia, plus the Indian Ocean Coast at Mozambique and the Spice Island of Zanzibar, among others.

The media post tour covered briefly in the introduction and the photo pages, will be expanded upon in our next magazine edition, which is a Focus on Zambia. The Zambia section is still growing as members send in their selections of favorite snapshots. Watch this page for more details.


Excerpt from "On the Road Again in Southern Africa."


The entire month was one of nonstop action ... and the highlights included a "River Safari" at Kanyemba, paddling fiberglass canoes, dipping our paddles in the water, and dodging the gangs of snorting hippos that resembled islands of blubber in the Zambezi. As you can imagine, there were plenty of hungry crocodiles lurking near the shore. You wouldn't care to fall overboard during this 3 hour adventure on one of the world's great rivers. A more gentle river excursion was from Livingstone on the Zambezi Queen riverboat, where we were entertained royally and viewed a typical Zambian sunset, returning by moonlight. continued