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BirdLife SA Information
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What is BirdLife South Africa?

We are the lead organisation in South Africa for everyone interested in birds and their survival. We have 8000 members in 40 branches and affiliates throughout South Africa. Our mission is to promote the enjoyment, conservation and understanding and study of wild birds and their habitat. We have a passion for the birds. We work through people interested in birds.

We run national and branch programmes on conservation, education, training and awareness.

BirdLife South Africa has powerful international links. We are the Partner organisation in South Africa for BirdLife International, the world's largest voluntary organisation of nationally-based organisations, present in 103 countries worldwide.

Why Join?

Do you want to take part in the world's fastest growing hobby? Do you want to understand and enjoy the wild birds around you? Do you want the superb diversity of wild birds in South Africa to thrive forever?

You will enrich your life by joining BirdLife South Africa and one of it's branches. You will learn about our wonderful array of wild birds and how to identify them. You will contribute to the well-being of our birds from sparrows to albatrosses, from doves to eagles.