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Leadership Profile: Minister of Tourism,Trade and Industry.

Hon. Edward Bitanywaine Rugumayo, Professor

1999 Sept &endash; to date: Cabinet Minister, Government of Uganda; currently Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry.

1996 Sept &endash; 1999 August: Uganda's First High Commissioner to South Africa.

1995 July &endash; 1996 July: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Chief Technical Advisor on Environment, Lesotho.

1992 June &endash; 1995 June: Executive Director and Founder, EarthCare Africa, a regional NGO based in Nairobi focusing on environmental policy and advocacy.

Edward Ruguwayo, Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry of Uganda, said while tourism is the fastest growing business sector in the world, only 2 to-3% of this comes to Africa - and the majority of that is to South Africa, Egypt and Morocco, leaving a minuscule share to the rest of the continent.

Ruguwayo listed infrastructure, standards, affordability and security as stumbling blocks in many countries. But he also criticised diplomats from developed countries who are overly quick to issue travel cautionaries on slight pretext.

1991 May &endash; 1995 May:Senior Programme Coordinator, Environment Liaison Centre (ELCI) &endash; a global coalition of environment NGOs based in Nairobi.

1989 April &endash; 1991 April: Visiting UNDP/UNEP Professor of Environment at Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya, Led a team of 12 consultants nd established the School of Environmental Studies.

1981 &endash; 1989:Senior Consultant on Environmental Education; Training and Project design for UNEP, UNDP, UNESCO, World Bank and many NGOs based in Nairobi. Visiting professor at Oklahoma State University and Moscow State University in environment.

1979 &endash; 1980: Chairman, National Consultative Council, UNLF Kampala

1973 &endash; 1979: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor and Head of Department of Education, University of Zambia.

1971 &endash; 1973: Minister of Education, Government of Uganda. Resigned in protest at President Amin's violation of human rights.

1970 &endash; 1971:Warden, Mitchel Hall and Lecturer, Department of Education, Makerere University.

1968 -1969: Senior Science Inspector of Schools, Teacher TrainingColleges.

Between 1959 &endash; 1966: Studied at university and taught in London Schools.

Qualifications:BSc (London University) Diploma of Education (Liverpool University) Certificate in Religious Studies (Church of England).

Publications:Over 40 per peer reviewed papers in international and regional journals in areas of biology, environment, political economy and other fields.

• Two books on environment

•Directed a film on environmental achievements on rural people for the Rio Earth Summit, 1992

• Co-edited 15 single-concept films in biology education.

Marital Status: Married to Foibe Bategereize &endash; with five children and several grand children.

Hobbies: Farming, music, outdoor life, writing.

Born: 18th December 1934

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