Choir in Dar es Salaam welcomes world delegates to the Second Africa Peace Through Tourism Conference, December 2004

Mamou's Typically Guinean Market Photo-right: Basket maker, Mamou, Guinea by Muguette Goufrani. during her tour from Conakry on the Atlantic Coast to Mali Ville in the Northern Highlands. She comments: “The merchants and artisans in their stalls and various places of business struck me as being confident and strong minded, yet gentle in nature. These are ideal qualities for business success anywhere, but especially in Guinea. In the busy open-air public market and many roadside stands, women traders stood behind large trays of merchandise, looking elegant in their bright robes and were always anxious to please. Even the small children approached us with trays of delicacies, sweets or fruits balanced on their heads.” Continued

Brazil Meets Africa at NYC Travel Expo

NEW YORK, NY, USA: Brazilian Carnival dancers at the Adventures in Travel Expo, January 2003. Muguette Goufrani of ATA's Africa Travel Magazine joins them for a photo opportunity. The event featured many African exhibits and drew a first year crowd of over 22,000 The Exp will be repeated in New York , and will also appear in San Francisco (October) and Washington, DC (January).

Canada Loves the Big Apple

ATA's Africa Travel Magazine's French Language Editor Muguette Goufrani of gets next to one of the famous Royal Caznaidan Mounted Police at the Candian Government Tourism booth at New York's Adventures in Travel Expo.

The red coated Mounties are Canada's best known and respected symbol. .

Host Country Day Tour to Bagamoyo,Tanzania,
World Heritage Site

Dave Gibson, keynote presenter at the ATA 7th Ecotourism Syposium in Zanzibar, relaxes with friends including the editors of Africa Travel Magazine.