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AFRAA - ATA Agreement

Recognizing the significant value and importance of the airline industry within the tourism industry and the contribution of tourism to the airline industry, the Africa Airline Association (AFRAA) and the Africa Travel Association (ATA) have agreed to forge a partnership aimed at increasing travel to the African continent and promoting the marketing of African based Airlines.

• AFRAA and ATA agree to launch an ongoing dialogue whereby the organizations will continue to explore ways in which they can support the mission and goals of each other, respectively, and forge partnerships based upon specific actionable goals.

• AFRAA and ATA agree to extend invitations to the leaders of the respective organizations for speaking opportunities at each others events, to share updates, industry news and trends and present specific means in which the membership of the two organizations can work together to support mutual concerns and common interest items.

• With the goal of increasing the traffic on Africa based airlines through tourism industry targeted marketing, ATA shall extend an invitation to the sales and marketing departments of AFRAA airline members, to join the association so as to further promote their routes and companies throughout ATA's marketing network. ATA would also invite AFRAA to join on behalf of its member airlines as a benefit of membership.

• AFRAA and ATA shall issue joint press releases to their networks on issues where there would be value in reaching a broader and targeted audience in the travel and tourism community.

• AFRAA and ATA shall further explore ways in which they can hold joint events or their independent events back-to-back to encourage increased participation and targeted reach.

• Given that ATA is headquartered in New York, USA and has significant reach within the North American and Caribbean markets, ATA expends an invitation to AFRAA to organize a meeting in the US to promote a common agenda of increasing travel to Africa from this market, as well as to promote investment opportunities between the US and Africa based airlines.

Signed on November 7, 2006 at the AFRAA 38th AGA - Cairo, Egypt


Folly Kossi Edward J. Bergman

Secretary General Executive Director

Africa Airline Association (AFRAA) Africa Travel Association



Ogo Sow

______________________________ ATA Diaspora Affairs Advisor

Member International Board